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5 Ways To Eat Nuts And Dried Fruits In Summer Season

Here are some tips that can help you consume nuts and dried fruits safely during summer.

5 Ways To Eat Nuts And Dried Fruits In Summer Season

Soaked nuts are easier to digest

As the summer season is here, it is crucial to make some changes in your diet. These small changes can help you fight against the soaring heat and prevent summer-related illnesses. it is commonly believed that one should avoid consuming dried fruits and nuts during the summer season. They are believed to increase body heat which can trigger summer-related digestive issues. However, dried fruits and nuts are loaded with essential nutrients that can help you meet your nutritional requirements. As everyone's body functions differently, some people might not experience any discomfort after consuming dried fruits or nuts during summer. While others might experience excessive body heat. If you too find it difficult to consume dried fruits and nuts during the summer season, here are some tips that might help.

Ways to eat dried fruits and nuts in summer

1. Soak them overnight

Soaking nuts overnight is an age-old practice in India. Many start their day with a handful of soaked nuts. Soaked nuts are easier to digest, produce less heat in the body and enhance nutrient absorption in the body.

2. Use differently

You can add nuts to different summer treats. Grab your favourite nuts and chop them. Add these to ice creams, lassi, fruit salads, yoghurt, shakes and smoothies.

3. Eat in moderation

Anything in excess can negatively affect your health. Similarly, you must consume dried fruits and nuts in moderation. They are also high in calories. So, reap all the benefits safely without overdoing them.

4. Avoid roasted, fried or salted

Nuts are now available in different forms. From roasted to fried, you can find different varieties easily in the market. However, for maximum nutrition, it is advised to consume nuts and dried fruits in their natural form.

5. See what suits you

It is crucial to listen to your body. See how your body reacts after consuming any particular nut or seed. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue them. There are plenty of options to choose from.

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