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5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism As You Grow Older

Our metabolism rate tends to go down as we grow older. Adopt these simple habits in your lifestyle to boost your metabolism even at an old age.

5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism As You Grow Older

One should never miss breakfast for a food metabolism


  1. Having spicy foods helps in boosting metabolism
  2. Weight training is better than cardio exercises for boosting metabolism
  3. A protein-rich diet increases resting metabolism rate

Remember the times when occasionally indulging in burgers and pizzas didn't contribute so much to your belly as it does now? As you grow older, your metabolism rate tends to go down. With growing age, it is easier to gain weight as inadequate sleep combined with a couple of unhealthy habits like consuming alcohol and smoking contribute to a lower muscle mass and slower metabolism. This is probably the reason why regular exercising and eating healthy is suggested as an important factor at all times.

However, there is more that you can do to boost your metabolism and do less damage to your body whenever you feel like indulging in fast or junk food. Here are some ways that can help you have a faster metabolism:

1. Have more spicy foods

There are studies that have shown various health benefits of having spicier foods. A study conducted last year stated that capsaicin in chilli peppers can boost metabolism and even prevent extra weight gain on consumption of foods rich in fat. Some research has stated that 1 gram of chilli can curb your appetite. Another study found that consuming 5 grams of chilli peppers can instantly boost metabolism by 20% for around 30 minutes.

spicy food boosts metabolism

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2. Do weight training

While cardio helps burning excessive calories, weight training is important for maintaining muscle mass. Muscle mass helps in burning more calories than fat. In a study that was conducted in older men, it was proven that resistance training for 16 weeks helped in losing fat and boosting metabolism. However, there are some studies that suggest that weight training is more effective in women than men.

weight training boosts metabolism

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3. Have a diet rich in protein

Protein is important in maintain muscle mass which helps in burning more calories. People who consume more protein have reported to have higher resting metabolic rate.

protein rich diet boosts metabolism

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4. Never skip breakfast

There are numerous studies that have shown that having a protein-rich nutritious breakfast curbs snacking for the rest of the day. In-between meal snacking usually includes lots of unhealthy foods which are high in sugar. One British study has even mentioned that people who eat breakfast 2 hours after waking up are likely to burn more calories in the entire day.

never miss breakfast

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5. Drinking water

Apart from being exceptionally good for health, drinking more water also contributes to a better rate of metabolism. It helps in feeling full and prevents overeating. And drinking warm water or the one at room temperature is more helpful than drinking cold water. 
drinking water boosts metabolism

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