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5 Unexpected Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Who knew that even sleeping naked could be so healthy!

5 Unexpected Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Ditch your pyjamas and start sleeping naked!


  1. By sleeping naked, you eliminate the chances of body heating
  2. Sleeping naked reduces your late-night hunger pangs
  3. Sleeping naked helps you lose weight

Okay, so the title may sound like we are going to talk about something naughty in here, but to your disappointment, we're not! Sleeping naked is actually healthy for you and that too not in the context of sex. Not only is this comfortable, it is that habit which can fetch you benefits you would simply not want to ignore. So it's time for you to ditch your pyjamas and start sleeping in your birth suit, and trust us, once you try it, you would not want to leave it!

1. It slows aging

Your body releases certain hormones when you sleep. However, these hormones are active and effective only under certain circumstances depending on your body temperature and the room's temperature. When you sleep naked and the room is at 21 degrees Celsius, your body gets the most benefits from the Melatonin and growth hormones which are responsible for anti-aging and skin-health benefits. The lower temperature of the room helps your body release more of this hormone to ensure better skin and hair health.


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2. You sleep better

Do you keep tossing and turning throughout the night? Turns out, it is due to your clothes! Wearing more clothes can make your body warm and overheat due to which you are unable to sleep properly. But by sleeping naked, you eliminate the chances of body heating. As a result, you get a better and deeper sleep.

3. Lowers cortisol levels

So when you are unable to sleep or you experience a disturbed sleep, you must know that it is due to high cortisol levels. This hormone is also known as the stress hormone which can trigger appetite and a desire for you to eat more food, yes those late night hunger pangs! A desire to munch on a late-night snack is due to this hormone. As a result, you end up overeating and gain weight.

4. Your lady parts are safe from infections

So ladies, what would you prefer, being safe or being sorry?

Those who prefer the latter can continue sleeping in their shorts and pyjamas. However, those who wish to keep themselves safe can start sleeping naked. Bacteria grow in warm and wet environments. You can't prevent your vagina from being moist (you would never want to do that!) but you can give it a cool environment by sleeping naked. This habit will reduce your chances of getting infected with vaginal infections and maintain a healthy flora down there.

vaginal infection

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5. Weight loss

Sleeping is important for your metabolism, but sleeping naked just gives it a better effect. Yes, when you are sleeping and relaxing your body, it is actually shedding some extra pounds on your body. Since sleeping naked helps in keeping your body cool, your body metabolism improves during those hours. As a result, you lose weight just by making no efforts whatsoever!

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So take off your pyjama, throw away your t-shirt and start sleeping, not only to be comfortable but to be healthy!


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