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5 Things In Your Bathroom You Didn't Know Were Linked To Cancer

Some products in your bathroom, mainly beauty products, could increase your likelihood of getting cancer!

5 Things In Your Bathroom You Didnt Know Were Linked To Cancer

These beauty products can cause cancer if used for a long period of time


  1. Phthalates in body lotions can cause damage to reproductive organs
  2. Parabens in a face wash have been linked to brain damage
  3. Asbestos in talc is recognized as a cancer-causing agent

Often one tends to get driven by the label of products when it says, 'Bright skin', 'Radiant and youthful skin', 'Spot-free skin'. These labels, however, hide behind them the bitter truth of such products. Though they may work well for solving skin-related issues like acne in the short run, these products and solutions may actually cause long-term damage to your skin. In some cases, they may even lead to cancer!

Stocked in your bathroom, here are the top 5 things which can cancer if used for a long period of time.

1. Body lotion

Peach milk, shea butter, cocoa milk and so on and so forth are the types of body lotions available in the market. One ends up debating about how well one lotion can work in fighting dryness, however, no one discusses the side effects of these lotions. So let's discuss the pleasant fragrance of these lotions. Phthalates, the substance responsible for that fragrance, can cause damage to your reproductive organs. Some products also contain coal tar, which, again, is a skin cancer causing agent. Instead, try using essential oils for moisturizing your skin and of course, enjoying the pleasant fragrance as well.


2. Face wash

Parabens in a face wash have been linked to brain damage, skin irritation and complications in reproduction. On further investigation, this component was found in the human breast cancer tissue. And these, are found in some of the most popular facial cleansers. Parabens are also found in toothpastes.

face wash

3. Face moisturizers

Phthalates and parabens are present in facial moisturizers as well. You can use a perfume-free and essential oil-enriched moisturizer instead.

face cream

4. Deodorants

Triclosan and propylene glycol are found in your favourite fragrances. And they are accompanied by phthalates and parabens. Needless to explain why you need to avoid them! Try to look for a deodorant enriched with Vitamin E and coconut oil instead.



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5. Talcum powder

Talcum powders are made of talc, and this comprises of oxygen, magnesium and silicon. They also contain asbestos, which is recognized as a potential cancer-causing agent. It is present in most cosmetics and baby products. 

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