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Nutritionist Suggests 3 Eating Habits To Look Lean

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija explains the size of meal intake should be a “big breakfast, small lunch, smallest dinner.”

Nutritionist Suggests 3 Eating Habits To Look Lean

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija suggests we must always have a heavy breakfast and a light dinner

There is no shortage of fitness advice and health tips today. While we all know that getting a lean physique takes months of training and dedication, what if you don't want to hit the gym rigorously? Though physical exercise plays an equally important role in making you look a certain way, a check on the diet can simply aid the process. In order to look leaner and fitter body, according to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, you have to follow three eating habits.

The expert says that the size of the meals “should wean from sunrise to sunset”, meaning “big breakfast, small lunch, and smallest dinner.” If you are looking for a reason behind it, let us tell you that the body's metabolic rate also goes the same way.

Second, the nutritionist advises to never drink liquids after meals. According to Pooja, one should either consume a drink before the meal or 45 minutes after eating their meal. What is the impact of drinking liquids right after a meal you ask? The expert explains that drinking liquids immediately dilutes the digestive enzymes as well as the juices. It not only delays digestion but also causes nutrition loss.

The third eating habit is to be mindful of the order in which we put food into our mouths from the plate. She suggests making carbs wear some clothes. “Start with raw veggies then the cooked, your proteins and fats, lastly the carbs with a little bit of dal or protein and your veggies,” Pooja says. Being mindful of the order will cut down the sugar spikes, as well as the fat storage in the body.

With these three eating habits, you are not only able to eat everything, but you are also intelligently nurturing the body without any fat storage.

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