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21 Days Lockdown With 21/90 Rule: A Simple Way To Develop Healthy Habits, Lose Weight And Get Fitter

Health tips during lockdown: In this quarantine period, you can teach yourself to develop healthy habits by following healthy habits for 21 days straight. Then you can follow these habits for the next 90 days to make them a part of your overall lifestyle. Know more here.

21 Days Lockdown With 21/90 Rule: A Simple Way To Develop Healthy Habits, Lose Weight And Get Fitter

21/90 rule talks about following healthy habits for 21 days (also lockdown period) straight


  1. 21/90 rule is simple to follow
  2. You can try to follow 3-4 healthy habits
  3. Utilise the lockdown period in the most productive way possible

For 21 days, the entire country is going to be on a lockdown. This indeed is a perfect time to start a few healthy habits. Even those who are working from are left with some extra time in their schedule in which they can develop a new healthy habit. Nutritionists and health experts are advising people to follow the popular 21/90 rule. This is a simple rule in which you can commit to a personal or professional goal for 21 days straight. After three weeks, the pursuit of that goal can become a habit. Once you have established that habit, you can continue to do it for the next 90 days.

21 days lockdown with 21/90 rule: What you need to know

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal recently took to Instagram to talk about this rule and how it can help you get fitter and healthier. "Let's start today, let's start now, and build at least three to four good habits in these 21 days," she says in her IGTV.


This 21 days lockdown period can be utilised to achieve your target weight
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Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, on the other hand, has been sharing workout and diet plans that one can follow on each day of quarantine.

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For example:

  • Start your day with seven rounds of surya namaskar.
  • On rising, have a few soaked almonds and raisins
  • For breakfast, have a plate of hot and delicious upma
  • Your post-breakfast mid-meal can be lemon water (good old nimbu pani or amla sherbet)
  • For lunch, you can have sabudana wada with homemade chutney or sabudana khichdi with dahi.
  • After lunch, you can have murmura or puffed rice roasted in ghee and salt.
  • Have an early dinner. This can be one of the goals of your 21/90 rule. You can have jeera rice with some cooked sprouts, or dal rice, or khichdi.
  • On bedtime, a cup of turmeric milk can do wonders for improving your immunity. Or, you can also have gulkand or ginger tea.

Following is the weekly quarantine plan which Diwekar shared on Instagram. 

The Quarantine meal plan - Weekly meal and workout plan for #WorkFromHome and #StayatHome There's a lot in our diverse culinary wisdom to offer you a variety of nutrients to last through the quarantine. I have tried to build a weekly meal plan using our non-perishables - Dals, grains, millets and spices. This plan will not just keep you well-nourished but also keep you in a positive frame of mind. Some of it is going to require learning and unlearning but that's the silver lining of any crisis, if I may say so. That they force you to question what is important, what is worth learning and keeping in our homes, hearts and stomachs. Hopefully, you will emerge stronger, wiser and with the ability to see food for what it really is - not a sum total of carbs, protein and fat but love, nurture, health and harmony. So this is me, trying to answer that quintessential question – “aaj kya banau?" Feel free to download and share. #jantacurfew #coronavirusindia #homemade

A post shared by Rujuta Diwekar (@rujuta.diwekar) on

Stay indoors and stay safe. Spend this time of lockdown in the most productive way possible.

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