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10 Best Running Tips For Beginners

From getting the right shoes to a perfect running routine, we have got it all figured out for you. Take a look!

10 Best Running Tips For Beginners

Running is a great way to build up your body's strength and endurance

Have you finally decided to go out for a run and improve your health but don't know where to begin? Running is a great way to build up your body's strength and endurance. Running can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and stroke and help you boost your mood through the day. Here we give you the perfect guide to a running routine for a beginner.

From getting the right shoes to a perfect running routine, we have got it all figured out for you. Take a look!

1. Get The Right Shoes

Go to your local running store and get advised on the right kind of shoes for you for your running routine. They can help you provide a gait analysis which helps you know your foot strike pattern. Sporting a wrong kind of footwear may strain your foot, ankles and even knees.


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2. Find the Perfect Clothing

The clothing you choose may determine your performance. It not only adds protection and prevents injuries but also boosts your confidence. Include synthetic fibers and avoid 100% cotton. It retains sweat and can cause irritation and blisters.

3. Make a Plan

Make up a convenient running routine. Most effective one is to start with a run/walk method with a minute of running and 5 minutes of walking. Gradually you can increase this time period and even include different techniques or running, like sprinting. But of course, the most important part of a plan is sticking to it and try your best to do so.

4. Start Running in Small Intervals

Starting with long running intervals can injure your body. It is best to start with small running intervals and then maximize them over time. Don't start out too fast, it can strain your knees and injure your ankles. Start out at a jogging or moderate pace and then continue.

5. Ensure to Remain Hydrated

Being well hydrated is one of the most important aspect of a running routine. Drink at least half a liter of water two hours prior to a run. Drinking water during a run is also beneficial in keeping one hydrated.


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6. Don't forget to Warm Up

Don't go running full throttle without a prior warm up routine. Warming up your body helps the muscles relax and ready for a run. You can go with a five-minute walk before the run or start with simple warm up exercises to get your body up and going.

7. Rest

Your body needs time to recover. Resting is one of the most important aspects of running. It allows your body to regain its strength and dissolves the tension in muscles and helps them to be stronger. When starting with a running routine, it is best to go for run every alternate day and take rest for a whole day.

8. Cross train

Cross training is necessary when indulging in running routines. It helps to keep the body in balance. Doing a different type of sport can help you through it and reduce the tension that is caused by running.

9. Never Back Down

No matter how much you want to not go out for a run for just one day, push through all the whining and needing to quit and procrastination. Go out and do your routine before procrastination for a day becomes a week and you end up, never running out again and will have to eventually, start from scratch.

10. Switch things up

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Be the way you run or the scenery of where you run, don't hesitate to switch things up a bit. Switch up between your running routine with sprints and jogs. Change in scenery can also set you up for a challenge and keep you motivated to run: go to a park or challenge yourself to run up the hill. It will help you improve your stamina and increase muscle strength.


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