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World Hepatitis Day 2019: Follow These Prevention Steps To Safeguard Your Liver

World Hepatitis Day 2019: Hepatitis affects the liver of an individual and causes inflammation in the liver. It slowly leads to poor liver function. Here are some precautions you must follow other than vaccine to prevent hepatitis.

World Hepatitis Day 2019: Follow These Prevention Steps To Safeguard Your Liver

World Hepatitis Day: Hepatitis is affecting a large population today


  1. World Hepatitis Day spreads awareness about this serious health condition
  2. Hepatitis leads to inflammation in the liver and damages it gradually
  3. Personal hygiene can help you prevent hepatitis

Hepatitis is a condition which causes inflammation in the liver. It starts to damage the liver gradually. This condition prevents the liver to function properly which further triggers several health issues. World hepatitis day is observed on 28 July every year. This year the World Health Organisation has introduced the theme- invest in eliminating hepatitis and urges to eliminate hepatitis by 2030 globally. Through this day WHO encourages people to access hepatitis testing, treatment and prevention. As an individual, you can take a few steps to prevent yourself and your family from hepatitis. These steps will help you safeguard your lungs from this serious health condition.

Hepatitis prevention steps

1. Proper sanitation and hygiene

It is the most basic and the primary step to control the spread of hepatitis. With some simple hygiene measure, you can reduce the risk of hepatitis. Some of the steps may include:

Hand washing is the best way to control the risk of hepatitis. It will keep the spread of the infection at bay. You should wash your hands before and after using a restroom. Also, make sure that you first wash your hands after returning to your home. Wash your hands properly with soap and water every time. This will remove all the possible infection.

While preparing foods as well you need to ensure that your hands are clean. Also, clean your hands while handling cooked food. You should also avoid unclean food and water. While eating out choose the outlet wisely. Do not pick street food and choose a clean place. At home, avoid eating raw meat and fish. Not just meat and fish, avoid raw vegetables as well, especially which cannot be peeled.

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2. Take precautions while traveling

You should avoid travelling to places where the virus is common. If due to any unavoidable resins you have to travel that region, you must take necessary precaution to prevent yourself from the virus.

  • Drink only bottled water and use the same for brushing and cooking
  • Skip street food and eat at such a place where cleanliness measures are practiced
  • Do not eat salads or any kind of food which has raw vegetables in it
  • Wash your hands before and after eating
  • You should also avoid ice cubes as much as possible

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3. Hepatitis vaccine

Use of vaccine is the best way to prevent hepatitis for a lifetime. Vaccines are available to avoid hepatitis A and B. Vaccine for C is yet to be discovered. Vaccine for hepatitis E is available in some parts of the world.

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Since hepatitis is contagious you need to follow these steps to preserve your liver health.

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