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7 Medicines Every Household Should Keep

Everyone must have these basic medications in their home.

7 Medicines Every Household Should Keep

Basic medications for our homes

A well-stocked medical cabinet can ensure a healthy and safe life for your family. In certain medical cases, you require medical assistance but most of the time if your home has the appropriate medicines you will solve the problem easily. You can start by making a list of all the medical products you generally need and the second thing you must do is check the expiry date on the, immediately discarding what is no longer healthy. We've prepared a list of some such medicines which should be an essential part of any household.

1. Paracetamol - It eases the pain and reduces fever. With regular doses, it is safe but over-dosing can be harmful. Do not exceed the maximum amount recommended for a specific age group. It is a useful medicine to have if you have kids.

2. Antihistamines - They are helpful in tackling various allergies from a hay fever to a runny nose. These must be taken before you sleep because they cause excessive drowsiness. Separate dosage is required for children and adults in accordance with the requirement.

3. Cough medicine: They come in several forms from syrup to pills. They are necessary for a quick relief from incessant coughing. They also cause drowsiness and must be taken before sleeping.

4. Eye drops: Drops that contain an antihistamine and a decongestant can soothe itchy eyes. They are essential for instant relief in case your eyes feel uncomfortable or itch a lot.

5. Bandages and gauze pads: They are essential in case of any physical wound. To stop the blood flow or to cover the wound to prevent infection, you need bandages. They come in very handy if there is an emergency situation.

6. Antiseptics - To cleanse all the wounds so that the infection does not set in. A Betadine solution is a common and effective antiseptic available in the market.

7. Constipation Medicines - When your stomach gets upset, you get upset. Always keep your cabinet stocked with medicines to soothe your stomach cramps. In case of severe diarrhoea keep an ORS solution, it always comes handy to restore the hydration and the electrolyte balance in your body.

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