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Found: New Method To Spot Muscle Injury In Football Players

The method, developed in the University of Catalunya, can help in detecting leg injury and recovery time accurately and is being envisioned as an efficient alternative to the existing MRI Scans.

Found: New Method To Spot Muscle Injury In Football Players

New method identifies damaged tissue faster in football players and tells the recovery time


  1. New method identifies the damaged tissue in the leg
  2. The recovery time is quantified through this mechanism
  3. Sports person succumb to leg injuries and take long time to recover

Recent study conducted in Spain among a group of footballers came up with a new mechanism to detect muscle injuries in people. The method doesn't include usage of any heavy equipment and monitoring systems that are generally used to detect muscle injury and provides an accurate report.

Footballers and players of most other sports around the world succumb to complex leg injuries due to tissue damage during matches and tournaments and are often compelled to discontinue with the game since there may be no mechanism to find out the total time required in the recovery.

The Solution

The researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya have devised a new method called localized bio-impedance measurement (L-BIA) to deal with this issue. According to the BBC report, the team studied the medical history of 22 footballers of the Barcelona club to understand the time taken by the respective players to get back to the game. The collected information was then compared to the dynamics of the healthy tissues to analyse the difference between the damaged and undamaged ones.

A low cost and non-invasive method was developed that works by sending low-intensity alternate currents through the damaged tissue and then comparing the readings with the one that came with the undamaged one. This comparative mechanism helps in identifying the exact location of the injury as well as in quantifying the extent of the injury. The images that come out through this method also provide a clear information on the damaged tissue and therefore efficiently helps in calculating the recovery-time of the player.

According to the researcher, this new method can also work out as a wonderful alternative to the existing methods and monitoring system owing to its low cost and non-complex method of tissue detecting mechanism.

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