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First Aid Tips: 3 Things You Should Never Do

Your negligence in taking care of a cut, wound or burn could mean serious skin infections. You must follow these first aid tips.

First Aid Tips: 3 Things You Should Never Do

Don't wash your cut or wound with an antibacterial soap


  1. Cover your wound with a band-aid or it will get infected
  2. Antibacterial soaps have toxic chemicals that can harm you
  3. Don't put any greasy things on your burn or it will delay healing
Ever got a cut with a knife or from falling down the road? Small wounds can become a site for major infections if not treated properly. While most of us have got our arms or legs scratched, cut or burned at least once in our life, you wouldn't really have thought of how a minor thing like washing your wound could be the reason you developed the skin infection months later! Some wounds in particular, like the ones that happen in your eyes or ears or are caused due to heat call for more rigorous first aid than others because it's easy to have permanent damage because of them.

Here are 3 things you should never do to your cut, burn or wound or run the risk of doing permanent damage:

1. Use antibacterial soap to clean the wound

Most such soaps either have hexachlorophene, an antibacterial chemical that is proven to cause brain damage in children, or they may have triclosan, another chemical that causes chemical imbalances and growth of a certain bacteria that is drug-resistant and can cause cancers. It's best to clean your wound with mild soap and lot of water or dab a hydrogen peroxide based liquid on it.

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2. Letting your skin after 'breathe' after getting a cut

While oxygen is important for the healing, ointments like hydrogen peroxide have enough oxygen that often bubbles and heals the skin. Leaving your cut open without putting a band-aid over it or not covering it in cotton dressing will make it a site for infection as bacteria will have easy access to enter the body. New cells need moisture to grow so dryness due to keeping your wound open will also prevent healing. Additionally, even washing your wound after you fall down on a ground that is muddy to let it breathe is a bad idea unless first aid is immediately available.

3. Put any cream, oil or butter on a burn

Even putting water on an open burn will give a chance to bacteria to enter the skin and cause infections. Anything greasy is also bad as it will keep the heat in, preventing the site from getting healed and can also cause infections. Using ice cold water is also a no-no because that can damage the tissue. You can use aloe-vera  and dry cotton dressing to clean and cover the burn. 

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