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8 Things Your Ear Tells About Your Health

All your body parts tell interesting facts about your present health conditions. Your ears also tells a great deal about your health. Read on to know some interesting facts about your hearing sense organ.

8 Things Your Ear Tells About Your Health

Listen to your ears to know about your present health

All your five senses not only helps you engage with the world around but they also tell a great deal about your present health. Although based on certain speculations and general assumptions, the shape, size and structure of your body parts reveal your heart conditions, bone malfunction (if any), hormonal imbalance, digestion process and many more. Your ear and ear wax tells some interesting facts about your body which you should not overlook and ignore if you wish to stay away from deadly health hazards. Read on to know about your ears and listen to them carefully!

1. Flaky and Dry

If your earwax and the skin inside your ear is flaky and dry, it could actually be because of eczema. According to health experts, this could also be a sign of psoriasis (though this is not common). You should visit your doctor if you find rashes in your ear canal.

2. Ringing Ears

A persistent ringing, whistling and shrieking noise in the ears could be because of 'tinnitus'. According to Harvard Medical School Harvard Health Publications, the sound can come from one ear or both from a distance. This occurs when you attend loud concerts and sporting events. If not treated on time, this can also lead to temporary deafness and other hearing ailments.

3. Dripping out Ear Wax

If your ear wax drips out after a long workout or when you wake up early in the morning, it could mean there is an infection or some chronic ear disease. Wet ear could also be because of sweat and excessive exercise. So don't worry if you find water coming out of your ear on a hot summer day.

4. Itchy Ears

We get the natural urge to scratch our ear every now and again, but if you are constantly digging your fingers in your ears because of an itch, it could be because of infection or some hearing ailment. Visit your nearby if you wish to ease off that pain.

5. Does it smell bad?

Your earwax should be odorless, but if your wax has an awful smell it could be a sign of an infection. According to researches, this could be lead up to serious infection and in some cases even psoriasis. It is advisable to show your ears to your doctor of you notice a smell coming out of your ears.

6. Unusual Ear Shape

An unusual shape and size of your ears indicates problem with your kidneys. If you find a small bump on the inner side of ears, you should immediately visit your doctor and get your kidneys tested.

7. Pits and Folds

A syndrome called Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, caused creases or small holes around the ear. This might aggravate if not treated on time. So it is advisable to get it treated soon with your doctors and physicians.

8. Earlobe Crease

 A diagonal creases in your lobe may be a sign of heart disease. This crease is also called "Frank sign". Scientists are yet to know the exact cause of this crease and therefore not everyone who has it will have heart disease. But you should anyway visit your doctor if you find those creases.



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