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World Heart Day 2022: The Greatest Gift, Life After A Heart Transplant

World Heart Day 2022: In this article, Sunayana Singh discusses the example and benefits of heart transplants.

World Heart Day 2022: The Greatest Gift, Life After A Heart Transplant

World Heart Day 2022: Heart Transplants give a second chance at life and promote fit lifestyle

World Heart Day is aimed at not only increasing awareness about health but also about the absolute need for an increase in organ donation. The day is a great occasion to remind and reinstate the necessity to improve access to transplants and organ donation.

There is no greater good than saving a life and organ donation is one of the noblest ways to save lives. As we get closer to representing World Transplant Games in 2023, World Heart Day is a gentle reminder 

One of the participants, Rahul Prajapati was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCMP) at the age of just 19. DCMP causes the chambers of the heart to thin and stretch, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood effectively. His condition worsened and he suffered a paralytic attack in 2017. The transplant was the only option. Rahul was fortunate enough to receive the transplant in 2018 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.  

He was a second chance at life and is now living a fit and active life.  Over the past few months, Rahul has been working on his fitness and has been training hard to participate in the World Transplant Games. For Rahul, his transplant and the sacrifice of the donor's family is something that he must honour by living to the fullest.

Another inspiring story is of Karhun Nanda. Karhun began playing football at the tender age of 12 and has since then dreamt of representing India in the sport. Unfortunately, he could not make it past the state level. His heart failure was another hurdle in realizing his dream. Fortunately, Karhunreceived the organ donation in time and his life was saved. In the past 5 years since his transplant, Karhun has bounced back and continued playing sports. He will finally be realizing his lifelong dream of representing and playing for India. Karhun will be participating in World Transplant Games in golf.

This World Heart Day, we hope there is renewed hope and awareness that encourages everyone to become a donor and save lives. With World Transplant Games, there is hope that there

will be more awareness and information. ORGAN India is excited to be a part of the WTG and we aim to not only aim to create public awareness but also be able to guide recipients and make them understand the process so that they are able to register themselves and are aware of their options.

Content By: Sunayana Singh, CEO of ORGAN India

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