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10 Things To Know Before You Get LASIK Surgery Done

Doctors suggest patients be aware of all possible side effects and after effects about laser eye surgery (LASIK).

10 Things To Know Before You Get LASIK Surgery Done

LASIK surgery can be a risky venture so know the risks


  1. LASIK surgery is the easier way out
  2. Whole lot of possibilities and risks associated with surgery
  3. This operation helps in correcting near-sightedness and astigmatism
Wearing glasses and contact lenses for too long can become quite annoying. But what choice does one have when you have to wake up every morning with a blurred vision and sleeping to the same. Glasses and contacts sure are helpful, but in a world of convenience, people tend to fall for options that can provide relief faster. LASIK surgery is the easier way out here. But with such short cuts, there comes a set of risks and possibilities. It is like deciding to play Russian roulette with your eyes.

Though it is one of the most frequently performed operations, doctors suggest patients to go through a list of things to know about laser eye surgery. There are whole lot of possibilities and risks associated and one must be prepared for it, as you are planning to get your vision operated. Take a look at some of them:

1. There are no guarantees: This operation is conducted widely in America and still there are no guarantees associated with the surgery. The results may not be what you would have expected. So be prepared to live with the outcomes of this surgery as they cannot be altered whatsoever. People in some cases continue to wear glasses even after the surgery.

2. Permanent effects: The FDA suggests that LASIK surgery may lead to some outcomes which may stay with you for life like severe dry eye syndrome and loss in vision, which cannot be changed or improved by wearing glasses or doing a surgery.

 3. Temporary effects: Some effects may last for a period of 6 months or so and may end after that. It is important for you to know about these effects like glare, halos and double vision, making it difficult to see in particularly in fog or at night. 

4. Recovery period: You may need some assistance to get home after the surgery, but it will last for just that one day.

5. Are you eligible? Yes, for getting a LASIK surgery you need to be eligible for it. Any person who wishes to stop wearing glasses or contacts cannot go for this surgery. Patients with severe eye dryness or corneal diseases and other eye conditions cannot go for this surgery.

6. Know the post-surgery effects: Before opting for this, remember to go through the entire procedure and then proceed with the idea. Also, know what all happens a few hours after the surgery. This will prevent you from waking up to surprises and you will be prepared for what is to come.

7. What are the limitations? Another thing to know about laser eye surgery is its limitations. This operation helps in correcting near-sightedness and astigmatism. It will not be helpful in preventing you from getting glasses for reading as you age. Eventually you will need glasses for such purposes.

8. Post-surgical care: Getting the surgery done is not all. A post-operative eye drop routine greatly affects the final results of the operation. These medicines affect corneal healing so consult your doctor about the care you would need and how often you should visit the clinic.

9. Know your alternatives: Do not sought to surgery in the very first shot. Talk to your doctor about alternative ways of treating your condition. Every doctor has 3 to 4 different options for treating a particular patient. On basis of your condition, the surgeon would be able to decide what treatment would be best for you.

10. Costing: It can cost anything from $299 per eye to $4000 per eye depending on the surgeon and their experience and expertise in the field. Insurance does not cover this form of surgeries but your tax-free funds may help here.

A LASIK surgery can be a life altering operation. Though chances of positive results are way more than the negative outcomes, one should weight the negative ones first and then


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