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World Diabetes Day 2022: Lifestyle Changes To Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Continue reading this article to find out lifestyle changes that can help improve your insulin sensitivity.

World Diabetes Day 2022: Lifestyle Changes To Improve Insulin Sensitivity

World Diabetes Day 2022: Exercising regularly helps improve insulin sensitivity

World Diabetes Day offers a chance to increase public awareness of diabetes as a problem affecting both individual and worldwide public health, as well as what needs to be done both collectively and individually to improve the disease's detection, treatment, and prevention.

The Day also coincides with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has not only caused a significant disruption in diabetes services and resulted in a high proportion of diabetics among hospitalised COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms and among those who have died from the virus.

A hormone called insulin aids in the body's absorption of glucose and regulates blood sugar levels. The body's cells have a harder time absorbing glucose due to insulin resistance. On the other hand, some dietary changes can help with insulin resistance.

Pre-diabetes, which can result followed by type 2 diabetes, is frequently diagnosed in people with insulin resistance. Insulin-resistant individuals may require further monitoring to ensure they do not acquire type 2 diabetes. The hazards associated with insulin resistance can be reduced by some dietary and lifestyle changes. Continue reading this article to find out lifestyle changes that can help improve your insulin sensitivity.

Follow these lifestyle choices to improve your insulin sensitivity:

1. Exercise regularly

Among the best methods to improve insulin sensitivity is through regular exercise. It facilitates the movement of sugar into the muscles for storage and encourages an immediate rise in insulin sensitivity that, depending on the exercise, lasts for 2-48 hours. Additionally improving sensitivity to insulin is resistance training. Although both resistance and aerobic exercise improve insulin sensitivity, it seems that combining the two in your regimen is the most beneficial.

2. Avoid added sugar

Natural sugars and added sugars differ significantly. Sources of natural sugars include plants and vegetables, which also include a variety of other nutrients. Numerous studies have revealed that individuals with diabetes who consume more fructose may become more insulin-resistant.

3. Try diabetes-friendly diets

A strict eating regime, like the Mediterranean Diet, can enhance insulin sensitivity. Eat a lot of seasonal, plant-based foods, have fruit for dessert, and use olive oil as your main source of fat when following the Mediterranean diet. On this diet, dairy products are consumed in moderation along with fish, chicken, legumes, and nuts as the main protein sources. Mediterranean eaters avoid eating a lot of red meat, and they occasionally drink wine with meals.

4. Maintain a healthy weight

The best approach to avoid or increase insulin sensitivity is to strive toward and maintain a healthy lifestyle by increasing your exercise level and adhering to an insulin resistance diet. Every little bit counts! Pre-diabetes can be kept from progressing to type 2 diabetes by losing 7–10% of your present body weight. If you already have diabetes, we encourage you to speak to a dietician to achieve an ideal weight.

5. Get good quality and quantity of sleep

You should get a good night's sleep for your health. However, not getting enough sleep can be detrimental and raise your chances of getting sick, developing heart disease, and developing type 2 diabetes. Additionally, numerous studies have linked inadequate sleep to decreased insulin sensitivity. Fortunately, getting enough sleep helps counteract the negative consequences of insufficient sleep on insulin resistance.

6. Reduce your intake of carbs

Persistent carbohydrate restriction enhances fasting insulin levels and insulin sensitivity. In addition to helping with weight loss, a low-carb diet also increases insulin sensitivity. Simply put, cutting back on carbohydrates means consuming fewer of the macronutrients that are most responsible for raising blood sugar and insulin levels.

7. Keep an eye on your magnesium levels

You can't afford to be low in magnesium because it is required for so many important and diverse physiological processes in the body. When type 2 diabetics receive magnesium supplements, their insulin resistance considerably improves since they typically have low magnesium levels.

8. Add more spices & herbs to your diet

Much prior to being utilised in cooking, spices, and herbs were commonly used for their therapeutic benefits. However, it wasn't until recent decades that researchers started looking at their wellness capabilities. Fenugreek, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and garlic are a few herbs and spices that have had potential outcomes for improving insulin sensitivity.

Now that you know what factors can improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar, make sure to make these healthy choices to reverse pre-diabetes and even improve diabetes symptoms.

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