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Top 5 Food Tips For Insulin Resistance

Here are some foods that you can mix and match to create satisfying but healthy dishes for people who are resistant to insulin.

Top 5 Food Tips For Insulin Resistance

This moderate-carbohydrate, moderate-protein and moderate-fat diet.

As per doctors, it is widely recommended that one should eat whole foods and avoid highly processed foods. When you take mixed meals and high fibre foods, you can slow down digestion and pressure off your pancreas. This feature article is all about what you can eat for insulin resistance. Studies have found that insulin resistance diet and exercises alter insulin signalling pathways. Good diet delays the start of insulin resistance.

Following are the top 5 things you should eat for insulin resistance:

1. Vegetables

Those vegetables that are high in fibre and low in calorie are recommended for managing blood sugar. You should include spinach, colorful peppers, spinach, and frozen vegetables.

2. Fruits

Fruits have fiber, vitamins and minerals. You should go for fresh or frozen fruits. Eat fruits like apples, bananas, berries, grapes, peaches and plums. In this regard, avoid fruit juices as they can raise blood sugar levels just like soda.

3. Dairy

Dairy products are the richest source of strong bones and teeth. You should go for yogurt, fat-free, low-fat, or non-fat unsweetened milk. Avoid taking full-fat yogurts and whole milk. In case you are lactose intolerant, you can try unsweetened alternative milks such as like almond, rice, or fortified soy milk.

4. Whole grains

Medical experts recommend whole-grain foods to people who have insulin resistance. Whole and unprocessed carb sources are considered as good fuel source for body. You should eat whole oats and oatmeal, whole-wheat or stoneground whole grain, corn meal, and brown rice. In your diet, add whole rye, whole-grain barley, wild rice, buckwheat, whole faro, quinoa, and millet.

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If your sugar levels fluctuate frequently you should consult your doctor. Also, if you are intolerant to any of the above foods or allergic then you should inform you doctor before consuming them.


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