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Luke Coutinho Shares Lifestyle Changes To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes

It is important that you take at least 10 minutes of a walk after meals. It will help you digest food properly and at a faster rate; And more tips to help people suffering from Type-2 diabetes.

Luke Coutinho Shares Lifestyle Changes To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes

Lifestyle changes can help reverse diabetes

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Luke Coutinho shares some lifestyle changes for people suffering from Type-2 diabetes if they are willing to reverse it. He explained how every individual's body is different but the basics often remain the same. In the caption, he states, “Try it, it works. It's up to you, yes it needs discipline and consistency like everything in life that you desire to achieve. Make informed decisions, never stop medicines without supervision. It takes time, you must learn the art of patience and have faith. If it works for others it can for you.”

Here are the tips shared by Luke Coutinho that may help you reverse Type-2 diabetes:

1. Low Carb Diet

You should not entirely remove carbs from your food rather follow a low-carb diet. Luke advised that you must follow a “low carb diet” instead of “no carb diet.”

2. Protein And Good Fats

Try to consume the right amounts of protein and good fats as per the requirement and needs of your body type.

3. Walk After Meals

It is important that you take at least 10 minutes of a walk after meals. It will help you digest food properly and at a faster rate.

4. Low GI fruits

Luke stated that you must cut down on fruits and have only low-glycemic (low GI) fruits if needed. For diabetics, it is safer to go for low GI fruits any day.

5. Exercise

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Remember you do not have to exercise so much that you end up over-exerting yourself or feel tired but not too little either. Find a balance while you exercise.

6. Sleep

Work on “deep sleep habits”. You should never compromise on your sleep. Give your body the rest it needs.

7. Emotional health

You have to constantly keep working on your emotional health to lead a happy and healthy life.

8. Reduce inflammatory markers

Stay away from food items that lead to inflammation and other problems.

9. Healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet plan. Try to include spices, herbs, vegetables, water, seeds, nuts, soluble and insoluble fibre into your diet.

10. Circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm or circadian cycle is a natural internal sleep-wake cycle that follows a 24-hour cycle.

11. Intermittent fasting

You can do this but only when you know you are doing it the right way. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating food between the periods of eating and fasting.

12. Eat when hungry

You must have food only when you are really hungry. Avoid stuffing yourself with food unnecessarily.

Take a look at the detailed note by Luke:

Follow these tips if you wish to reverse your type-2 diabetes.

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