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Diabetics: Replace Your Food With These Items And See The Difference

Controlling your diabetes is easier with these healthy and delicious food switches that are very easy to do

Diabetics: Replace Your Food With These Items And See The Difference

Switch from orange juice to orange and from flavored oats to plain ones to better manage your diabetes

If you have diabetes or someone in your home who has it, you'd know how tough the simple act of eating a meal can be for a diabetic. It's not just sugar that diabetics have to stay away from, but anything else that can aggravate their insulin resistance, high cholesterol or add to their body weight. And with an abundance of packages foods on the television and in the grocery store claiming to be cholesterol free, fat free and sugar free, it's clearly very difficult to know what to pick and what to pass.

So here are some delicious food substitutes you can make to lead a healthy and worry free life, even with diabetes:

1. Plain oats instead of flavored oats

Whether it is masala, veggie, mango or strawberry, eating flavored oats entirely defeats the purpose of giving up other foods to eat this for weight loss. While plain oats have no sodium at all, just one 150 gm of flavored instant oats has more than 300 mg of sodium. They also have more calories.

2. Orange instead of orange juice

If you're eating oranges to stock up on Vitamin C to fight diabetes, relying on the juice won't help since these are seriously stripped of nutrients. Additionally, the fiber that helps to control diabetes is lacking in the juice (even it if has the so called pulp) though the fruit does have 3 gm of fiber and less than half the calories.

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3. Coleslaw salad instead of macaroni salad

Coleslaw salad is made with veggies like cabbage, carrots, onions and mustard along with a salad dressing. This will fare better in your diet than choosing a salad of boiled macaroni, because while a half cup mac salad has 280 calories, coleslaw salad has just 130.

4. Yogurt instead of sour cream

Avoid using sour cream in salad dressing and as dips with snacks like tortillas. Yogurt is a much better and healthier option that also has beneficial probiotics. Sour cream has 220 calories, 23 g fat and 90 mg sodium as compared to 80 calories, 1 g fat and 50 mg sodium in half cup yogurt.


Yogurt is rich in probiotics, Vitamin D and other healthy nutrients
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5. Whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour

When baking cookies, cake or making rotis, opt for whole wheat atta instead of the all purpose one since the previous one has nutritional fibers and proteins. The latter on the other hand only has refined carbohydrates that can be a diabetic's worst enemy.

6. Baked corn tortillas instead of potato chips 

If you want to snack, snack wisely. Potato chips are one of the worst foods to eat since they are high on sodium and also fat. Not just this, they are fried too! Baked corn tortillas are a healthier (and more delicious) option since they have less than half their fat and calories too.

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