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Diabetes Risk Factors: These 5 Factors Can Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes risk factors: Many factors can increase the risk of diabetes. most factors can be controlled whereas a few are non-modifiable factors. Here are some risk factors which you must know.

Diabetes Risk Factors: These 5 Factors Can Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes

Risk factors for diabetes: Family history is one of the most common risk factors of diabetes


  1. Diabetes should be controlled on time
  2. PCOS can also increase the risk the diabetes
  3. Know all the risk factors of diabetes

Diabetes is a long term condition that can affect your health in various ways. It can be managed effectively with the right precautions. If you are diabetic you need to manage your blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can increase the risk of diabetes complications. If left untreated it can further affect organs as well. Diabetes management also requires changes in diet. A diabetes diet should include foods that can help you control blood sugar levels naturally. There are many modifiable and non-modifiable factors that can put you at risk of diabetes. Here's a list of factors that can increase the risk of diabetes.

Diabetes: Factors which can increase the risk of diabetes

1. Family history

It is one of the non-modifiable factors which can increase your risk of diabetes. Family history increases the risk of type-1, type-2 as well as gestational diabetes. If there is a family history of diabetes then you must get yourself tested at regular intervals. Early detection can help you control the diseases on time.

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2. Lack of exercise

Physical exercise is extremely important for your body to function properly. Lack of exercise increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. It can also trigger other risk factors of diabetes. But you can control this risk factor. Add some simple exercises to your daily routine to control the risk of type-2 diabetes.


Lack of physical activity can harm your health in various ways
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3. Unhealthy diet

Your diet plays a major role in your life. It affects many factors other than your body weight. Poor diet increases the risk of type-2 and gestational diabetes. You must consume a balanced diet rich in fibre. Avoid highly processed foods and foods rich in added sugar.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive age. It is one of the leading causes of infertility. It also increases a woman's risk of type-2 diabetes. If you are suffering from PCOS then you much check your insulin levels regularly to prevent diabetes. You must also make the necessary changes in your diet to fight the risk.


Diabetes: Women with PCOS are at a higher risk of diabetes
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5. Obesity or being overweight

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