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Diabetes Diet: Healthy Foods Swaps That Can Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

Diabetes diet: You need to make healthy changes to control blood sugar levels effectively. Some food swaps can help you manage diabetes effortlessly. If you are a diabetic here are some healthy choices you can make.

Diabetes Diet: Healthy Foods Swaps That Can Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

Diabetes diet: Make healthy choices to control diabetes naturally


  1. Diabetes can be managed effectively with dietary changes
  2. Choose healthy options to fight diabetes effectively
  3. Do not drink juice if you are a diabetic

Diabetes diet is all about making healthy choices. It must include foods which can help in controlling blood sugar levels naturally. A diabetic needs to control blood sugar as uncontrolled blood sugar levels can increase the risk of diabetes complications. Some foods can increase your blood sugar levels whereas others can help in naturally controlling blood sugars. A diabetic must be careful about food choices to make the healthiest choices which do not negatively affect blood sugar levels. Simple changes can help you manage diabetes effectively. If you are diabetic you should make some smart changes to fight diabetes. Here are some food swaps which can help you control blood sugar levels effortlessly.

Diabetes diet: Foods swaps for diabetics to control blood sugar levels

1. Choose baked over fried food items

These two cooking methods can change the nutritional value of the food. If you are diabetic you should choose baking over frying. Frying can add more fat to the food and makes it unhealthy. Not just diabetics every individual should choose baked snacks over fried.


Diabetes: You must choose baked food items over fried to fight diabetes
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2. While fruit over fruit juice

Most people believe that diabetics cannot eat fruits as they are loaded with natural sugar. But the truth is diabetic can eat fruits but in a limited quantity. Also, make sure that you choose fruits with low Glycemic index. Fruits rich in vitamin C are good for diabetics. But a diabetic should never drink fruit juice. Fruit juices are deprived of fibre which makes it unhealthy for diabetics. Also, to prepare one glass of fruit juice you need fruits in more quantity. This will add more sugar to the juice. Eat whole fruit instead of juice for better management of blood sugar levels.

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3. Nuts over cookies, chips and other snacks

Nuts are extremely healthy for an individual as they are loaded with the most essential nutrients. The gap between meals usually makes one consume unhealthy snacks like cookies, chips, candies and fried items. But these snacks are loaded with sugar and some of them are deep-fried. Instead of consuming such foods you must try nuts to best hunger pangs between meals. Some healthy nuts for diabetics include- almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios. But do not consume fried or salted nuts.


Diabetes: Nuts are loaded with essential nutrients beneficial for diabetes
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4. Whole grains over refined grains

Whole grains are beneficial for diabetics. Researchers have also shown that consumption of whole grains can help in controlling the risk of diabetes as well as heart diseases. You can make changes in your diet and consume whole grains instead of refined ones.

Along with your medications and precautions prescribed by your doctor, you can make these changes to fight diabetes.

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