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Diabetes: Can Fasting Help In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels? Here Are Some Guidelines For Diabetics

Diabetes: Fasting, practiced with the right method can offer you many health benefits. Is fasting healthy for diabetics? Can it help in controlling blood sugar levels? Here's the answer from expert and also know other guidelines for diabetics before starting fasting.

Diabetes: Can Fasting Help In Controlling Blood Sugar Levels? Here Are Some Guidelines For Diabetics

Diabetes: Can fasting help in controlling blood sugar levels


  1. Diabetes requires management of blood sugar levels
  2. Is fasting good for diabetics?
  3. healthy diet can help in managing blood sugar levels naturally

Diabetes requires proper management of diet and a healthy lifestyle to control blood sugar levels. Diet plays a major role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Better management of diabetes requires consumption of foods which does not impact the blood sugar levels negatively. Some foods can increase the blood sugar levels whereas others can help in controlling blood sugar naturally. Along with the food time also play a key role in controlling blood sugar levels. Mealtime can affect blood sugar as well. According to a recent study published in the journal Cell Metabolism also explained that time-restricted eating is beneficial for diabetics and for those who are at the risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes: Is fasting beneficial for diabetes?

Dr. Mahesh. D. M explains, "Yes, fasting, particularly intermittent fasting can help control blood sugar levels. We do not advise fasting for individuals who have long-standing diabetes. However, individuals who have milder forms of diabetes or who have developed it in the previous 3-5 years and are on tablets can do fasting. Depending on the type of fast that an individual is seeking to perform, we advise them to adjust their dosage and time of consumption of medication."

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Diabetes: Fasting can bring changes in blood sugar levels
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A person can try fasting during the initial stages but one needs to follow all the instruction advised by the doctor. Any major changes should be avoided to prevent major fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Diabetic can also make some healthy diet and lifestyle changes to manage blood sugar levels naturally. Before starting fasting you mistake recommendation from your doctor about the right time, foods and how to break the fast.

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Diabetes: A healthy diet can help in controlling blood sugar levels naturally
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Dr. Mahesh also explained various guidelines for a diabetic who wishes to try intermittent fasting to control blood sugar levels. Broadly, the following guidelines are important for any diabetic who is seeking to fast -

1. Monitor blood sugar levels religiously

2. Eat a balanced and healthy meal whenever you eat

3. Reduce the medication/adjust according to how your body responds during the fast

4. Practice being on a fast a few days before you actually start a long duration fast to understand how your body responds and to prepare better.

(Dr. Mahesh. D. M, Consultant - Endocrinology, Aster CMI Hospital)

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