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Understanding The Importance Of Immunisation: Know Why It Should Not Be Delayed

You should not delay or skip your child's vaccination. A proper schedule set by the doctor in order to slash down the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases should be strictly followed.

Understanding The Importance Of Immunisation: Know Why It Should Not Be Delayed

Immunisation helps protect infants from certain diseases for lifetime


  1. Do not skip immunisation for optimal health of your child
  2. Consult your doctor immediately if there is a delay in vaccination
  3. Follow the schedule given by your doctor for vaccination

During the pandemic, a significant change in how things function has been observed. The health sector has also observed major changes in its functioning. During these unprecedented times, the number of delays in vaccination cases has considerably gone up. Though, delay in vaccination in some cases became unavoidable during the complete lockdown but it is important not to skip kids' vaccine. Your child's immunisation is an important step for development of healthy individuals in the future. In this article, you will understand the importance of vaccination and why it should not be delayed.

Know about the importance of immunisation

Immunisation allows one to stay healthy and safe. Taking vaccinations as scheduled by the doctor will allow the child to build a strong immune system and fight vaccine-preventable diseases like pneumonia, infections, and hepatitis. Your child's early years (till the age of 5) play a crucial role in building overall health. Hence, getting vaccinated is a simple and effective way of protecting children from serious diseases.

Today, the entire world is reeling under coronavirus. The pandemic has been worrisome and considering it, while parents could delay the doses of vaccinations but of course, primary vaccinations given to infants/newborns cannot be missed at all. Just don't neglect the need for vaccination. Take care when especially when it comes to the newborns. DPT, HIB, Polio, Hepatitis B, pneumococcal, and rotavirus vaccines, usually given at 6, 10, and 14 weeks after birth. So, be vigilant.

Missing the vaccine means risking your child's health for contracting the diseases the vaccine was meant to protect against. Moreover, a vaccine will be considered as late if one gets it after 30 days.


Immunisation should not be missed or delayed, says expert
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Kids can be exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases from just about anyone, including their parents, siblings, and visitors, to people who are present at the play area. To zero-down the risk, it is imperative to stay in touch with the doctor and follow the guidelines.

Vaccines preventable diseases can be mild to severe in nature and they can be fatal too. For example- measles, for example, is known to be highly contagious and spreads rapidly in people who are not immune. If parents are running behind their schedule, it results in weakened immunity of their child until they are caught up, thus making him or her more susceptible to these infections in later life too.

Take-home message: Furthermore, the parents must follow-ups with the doctors and timely administer the recommended doses. Doing so can reduce the strain on the public health system, and ensure that your child lives a disease-free life.

(Dr. Tushar Parikh, Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune)

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