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Coronavirus Lockdown: 5 Effective Tips To Manage Screen Time Of Kids

Screen time of kids can be managed if parents to avoid using their phones and laptops in front of kids. Here are more tips that can be helpful.

Coronavirus Lockdown: 5 Effective Tips To Manage Screen Time Of Kids

Do not install TV in kids' bed room to limit their screen time


  1. Restrict kids' screen time on days of online classes
  2. Avoid use of gadgets when eating meals
  3. Avoid use of gadgets before bedtime

Parents need to pay special attention to kids' screen time. With the coronavirus outbreak, lockdown and schools being shut for the longest time, kids' screen time have inevitably increased, thanks to online classes. Lockdown has also reduced kids play time and the amount of time they spend away from TV, phones and other screens. In such a scenario, it is important to monitor your kids screen time for not just their eye sight, but for their overall health and well-being.

Screen time of kids: Tips for parents to manage kids' screen time

Parents can take several measures like writing up sticky notes on the fridge or set reminders on their phone as to when to move kids away from screens.

1. Restrict use of screens if kids are using laptop or tab for school classes

Ensure that the screen time beyond school classes is restricted as kids are anyway using screens for more than usual because of shutdown of schools and online classes.

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2. Limit use of your gadgets

Now this may be difficult if you are working from home. But parents can definitely lead by example when it comes to encouraging lesser screen time in kids. Avoid using phones in front of kids as far as possible.

3. Avoid use of gadget or screens in bed room

Excessive screen time has been found to negatively affect sleep in kids and adults. Educate kids about the risks associated with using screens at night and avoid watching TV before bed time. Do not install TV in kids' bedroom.

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4. Avoid using gadgets or watching TV while having your meals

Doing this is important for managing your screen time as well as eating your meals properly. When you eat food, your focus should be just on the food and not on a book, newspaper, TV, phone or tablet. Eating this way helps you be in touch with your satiety signals and prevents overeating.


Encourage kids to not use gadgets while eating meals
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5. Make time to play with kids

This is an effective way to reduce their screen time and also encourage some physical activity and play time, which is of crucial importance for the health and overall growth of kids. 90 minutes of outdoor physical activity and play time is important to ensure kids are active and have the optimum weight.

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