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5 Signs That Your Child Is Being Sexually Abused

Any one sign doesn't mean that a child was sexually abused, but the presence of several suggests that you begin asking questions and consider seeking help.Read on to know more about child sexual abuse

5 Signs That Your Child Is Being Sexually Abused

A child is sexually abused when they are forced or persuaded to take part in sexual activities.


  1. Many times children hide sexual abuse matters out of fear.
  2. Bruises, swelling and change in behaviour can be some symptoms.
  3. Medical help becomes important in serious cases.
What can break a child from the inside? Of all the crimes that take place in this world, sexual abuse is the worst. With the passing time, child abuse cases have reached alarming levels. Eliminating this issue will take time but you can prevent it. Many a times, children hide such matters due to fear. It is important to understand if there is anything going wrong with your child. Life can be challenging for a child who is getting abused by someone at daily intervals.You may not be aware of. This feature talks about it in detail.
Following 6 signs help you in finding if the child has been sexually abused:

1.    Bruises

Sudden appearance of bruises on your child's body is not a good sign. If you come across bruises, especially on the arms, investigate into the matter. Check if the bruises have happened naturally or from holding arms with force. This can be a clear indication. Always pay attention, if the bruises are regular and how frequently does the child come home with them.

2.    Swelling in regions like genitals and chest
It is a very significant way of identifying if the child is abused. Closely check the frequency of swelling in the areas like genitals and chest. At the same time, check out if there are scratches or any sign of force in the same area. If you notice redness, then it means, the area has been pinched or rubbed.

3.    Discomfort in sitting or walking
If you find out that your child is not able to comfortably sit or walk then it is a kind of sign. Check out if there are bruises in the abdomen parts, thighs or feet. Ask your child, if he is feeling pain in any of these regions. If you find anything suspicious, seek doctor's advice at the earliest.

4.    Sudden change in behaviour
If a happy go lucky child suddenly turns quiet, investigate the matter right away. It is one of the clearest signs. Check closely, if the child is secretive, quiet or sad. Also notice, if the child has stopped sharing anything from his school or any outside activity. Your child's behaviour can easily explain you if any kind of abuse is happening.

5.    Becomes panicky
Take a look at your child's behaviour and his way of reacting at people. If he panics or looks afraid, there is something certainly wrong. Also check, if your child is unable to sleep comfortably or suffers from nightmares. Speak to your child without any delay.

Never shy away from these issues as they may leave a deep impact on your child mentally and physically. As a parent, you should take your child out and do a conversation with him. If you find any of the above signs, meet a psychiatrist immediately. Medical help can easily bring things in light. Doctors and counsellors do sessions on these issues to understand if there is a problem and how one can recover from this.

Often children are threatened and warned with dire consequences. Always speak to your child and understand if something is bothering him or if anybody is troubling him.The perpetrators should be nabbed and imprisoned right away. If he is abusing your child, he may be doing it to other children as well. A small conversion can unfold several stories that you may not be unaware of.

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