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Common Mistakes People Make After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Believing cancer is a death sentence is one of the biggest mistakes people make, according to Luke Coutinho.

Common Mistakes People Make After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Cancer mistake: Believing cancer is a death sentence

Cancer is a frightening disease. When people are diagnosed with this disease, often their first reaction is disbelief and rejection. Then they gradually come to terms with their life. In fact, there are many misconceptions and mistakes that people regularly do after such a diagnosis. Medical experts say cancer is not an end-of-the-world situation. Life does not stop with the diagnosis. Though difficult to manage, there always remains a possibility that it can be treated.

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho has shared an Instagram post on this issue. Titled “Biggest Cancer Mistakes”, the post outlines what people should not do if they are diagnosed with the disease. Here are the mistakes pointed out by Coutinho:

– Believing cancer is a death sentence. It is not. In most cases, it can be treated. Instead what you need to worry about is consuming a lot of white sugar and lack of micronutrients in your body.

– Staying in victim mode and asking “Why me?” There is no need to remain in this state all the time. True, the initial reaction to a positive diagnosis is always shocking. But try to gradually move to acceptance, so that you can take action next.

– Another mistake is just taking conventional treatments without making lifestyle changes for increasing nutritional gains. Ensure regular exercise, adequate sleep, and good emotional health. Make sure to manage the side effects of your conventional treatments.

– Coutinho says not addressing a negative emotional past, chronic stress levels, resentment, bitterness and having anger or hatred won't do any good in treating the disease.

– A lack of belief that you can heal or your body has the intelligence to heal is another mistake.

– The common mistake is not taking a second or even a third opinion on your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

What should you do?

Coutinho recommends a holistic recovery plan that revolves around the following points, along with your medical treatment:

– the microbiome (gut)

– immunity and inflammation

– angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels)

– DNA repair

– natural stem cell regeneration

– emotional wellness

– cleansing the body

Here's Coutinho's Instagram post:

These tips may help you tide over the situation.

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