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World Arthritis Day 2020: Understanding The Different Types Of Arthritis

World Arthritis Day 2020: Arthritis is a condition which affects the joints of an individual. It leads to pain and inflammation in the joints. Read here to know the different types of arthritis.

World Arthritis Day 2020: Understanding The Different Types Of Arthritis

World Arthritis Day 2020: Arthritis limits mobility of the patient


  1. World Arthritis Day is observed on 12 October
  2. Staying active can help fight arthritis risk
  3. Arthritis can affect youngsters too

World Arthritis Day 2020: Arthritis is a painful condition in which inflamed joints may cause pain, tenderness and stiffness in joints. This condition can affect day to day functioning of an individual. This condition typically worsens with age. Not many people know that there are many other kinds of arthritis that can affect younger population as well, as early as in the second and third decade of their age. There are different forms of this disease. On the occasion of World Arthritis Day 2020 here are the different types of arthritis you need to know.

World Arthritis Day 2020: What are the different types of arthritis?

Osteoarthritis, is the arthritis that a common man relates to more often and it worsens with the age and mostly affects the weight bearing joints. Family history, increasing age, previous joint injury, being a female, and obesity are risk factors for development of osteoarthritis.

In one such common type of arthritis, known as rheumatoid arthritis, the body's immune system attacks the covering layer of the joint (Synovial membrane), which then becomes inflamed and swollen and eventually destroys the cartilage and damages the joint. It can involve any joint of the body and is characterized by severe pain, morning stiffness and deformities and more likely to disturb the activities of daily living in young active working population.

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Arthritis Day 2020: Rheumatoid arthritis attacks the immune system of the patient
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Commonly, diagnosed by certain blood tests (Rheumatoid factor being positive in 70% of patients with RA), besides the clinical examination by a specialist doctor , it's important that the diagnosis is made at the earliest so that right treatment can be started aggressively in the form of medications , exercises and lifestyle modifications , to keep the disease under control and prevent it from worsening.

Any previous injury to the joint in the form of joint fracture, cartilage injury or ligament tear, can also give rise to secondary arthritis in younger age groups, sports persons, and athletes. It is important not to ignore the injuries in and around the joints and take proper treatment at the earliest to avoid the development of arthritis at later stage.

Infection of the joint at any age, can result in damaging the cartilage or joint components leading to infective arthritis and should be treated on urgent basis with antibiotic medications and surgery to control the infection from further damaging the joint.

Increase in uric acid levels in the blood can also cause gout wherein the uric acid crystals can get deposited in the joints causing painful arthritis. It is important to keep blood uric acid levels under check with dietary modifications and medications to control this disease.

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Young males can suffer from a rare type of arthritis known as ankylosing spondylitis which typically causes small bones in the back (spine) to fuse, resulting in stiffness of the back region. Exercises and lifestyle modifications are necessary to control the symptoms and prevent its progression.

Other rare type of arthritis affecting children is called as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which can affect child at any age, but symptoms usually improve as the child gets older.

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Young active adult population is the main working taskforce on which the efficiency and productivity depends. It is important not to ignore the initial symptoms of arthritis and take appropriate advice from the specialist for best control of the disease.

(Dr Nikunj Agarwal, Senior Consultant Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement, Max Super Speciality Hospital Vaishali and Max Multi Speciality Hospital, Noida)

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