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Follow These 7 Tips To Prevent Joint Pain In Winters

This winter, follow these tips to keep joints healthy.

Follow These 7 Tips To Prevent Joint Pain In Winters

Stay physically active to keep joints healthy

In cold weather muscles tends to be tight and tensed. Tension in muscles around joint can affect flexibility and mobility, contributing to stiffness and pain. In some studies, changes in joint in has been linked with increase in barometric pressure, dry air, decreased blood circulation and cold climate. Cold weather causes discomfort and makes us aware of every old twinge and aches, so if you are ready to fight joint pains in winter, here are few tips to be in best of health.

Tips for healthy joints this winter

1. Keep moving

It's essential to keep your body active, even in the winter months. While you should not work through painful joint and seek professional assistance, stiff or achy joint doesn't mean cancelling gym memberships. Try low impact exercise, stretching with yoga or Pilates, weight training, brisk walking to keep your body active.

2. Prevent weight gain in winters

Winter and festival season brings lots of excessive feasting with high calorie food, during this time people do tend to gain extra kilos, which adds to extra pressure over joint. Keeping yourself hydrated and calorie control will surely help.

3. Warm clothing

Wearing proper warm clothes helps avoid vasoconstriction and promotes flexibility of joints. Keep extra pair to mittens, gloves and jacket with you when going out in cold windy weather.

4. Keep your house warm

When you are inside, keep yourself warm and cozy. Use of heating pads and hot water bag feels soothing to some people, but in case of diabetes avoid using these for prolonged interval. Avoid using heating coil devices switched over night in closed room and unattended.

5. Keep yourself motivated

Gloomy weather brings winter blues and one concentrates more on discomforts and achy joints. One way to combat these is by practicing winter care, using muscle pain ointments and creams, similarly warm bath keeps muscle and joint relaxed.

6. Hydration

Usually in winter people tend to drink less water and often are in state of dehydration which cases muscle cramps and pain. Being in well hydrated state is crucial for optimum functioning of joint and muscles.

7. Optimum nutrition

Lack of sunlight in winters, contributes to poor vitamin D levels in the body. Intake of well-balanced diet which is rich in calcium, vitamin D and essential nutrients is crucial to keep the bone and joints healthy.

(Dr. Ramneek Mahajan Senior Director (Orthopaedics) & Head - Joint Reconstruction (Hip & Knee) Unit Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket)

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