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5 Tips To Ease-off The Swelling In Your Feet

Your feet can swell if there is an imbalance of body fluids. You can restore that lost balance by bringing small changes in your daily routine. Read on to know about the changes that can help you drive away swelling in your feet

5 Tips To Ease-off The Swelling In Your Feet

Bring some simple changes to prevent swollen feet

Are you struggling hard to get rid of swollen feet and ankles? Well, there are certain lifestyle changes and diet regulations which can help you get rid of the pain caused due to swollen feet. At times, these are not as painful as it appears but who wants to retain an awful patchy bump when you can treat this by improving your lifestyle patterns. While your daily habits play an important role in making your feet swell, it can also happen due to certain medications and medical conditions. You cannot stop taking your medicines or alter your medical condition but you can, definitely, change your routine habits to have beautiful feet and ankles.

Why do your feet swell?

There are both lifestyle and medical factors which results in swollen feet and you can easily find the solution, once you know the problem. Here are some causes behind swollen feet-

1. Being overweight: It decreases your blood circulation, causing fluid to build up in your feet

2. Taking steroids and antidepressants : It can lead to foot, leg and ankle swelling.

3. Hormonal Changes : Imbalance in the hormone secretion disturbs your blood flow and body fluids.

4. Blood Clot: Clots in your veins and arteries can obstruct the blood flow in your body leading up to swelling in your feet and ankles.

Preventive Measures

1. Keep your legs Up

Try to keep your legs up whenever you are lying down on the floor. Make sure that you raise your legs above your heart. This balances your body fluid and prevents swelling.

2. Stay Active

Focus on stretching and moving legs so that your body is always in some movement and never stiff and cold. This will not only improve your flexibility but will also help you get rid of swollen feet.

3. Reduce salt Intake

While iodine content in your everyday diet is essential to keep you fit and healthy. But people having swelling in different parts of body should reduce the intake of salt. The nutrient content in salt often deposits unwanted substances around your body disturbing your body's functioning.

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4. Wrap around support stockings

If you are going through a prolonged pain, it is advisable to wear support stockings or other kinds of restrictive clothing. Compression socks can also be worn with shoes and slippers if the swelling keeps on spreading with time.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity is one of the reasons behind swollen feet and you can follow a healthy diet plan by cutting short excessive intake of junk food if you want to get rid of swollen feet at the earliest.

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