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Tired Of Period Cramps? Try These Yoga Poses For Relief

Period cramps can be painful and tiring. Certain yoga positions have been proven to reduce period cramps. Lets know more about these asanas.

Tired Of Period Cramps? Try These Yoga Poses For Relief

Yoga can be beneficial in relieving period pain

Period cramps can be painful and tiring. Nausea, frequent mood changes and fatigue are all common worries one experiences during periods. In addition to this, menstruation can cause cramps over the course of the entire cycle. An average woman's cycle can last from 3 to 8 days. Although there are various medications that can help reduce period cramps, they may not be healthy for you and your liver in the long run. Hence, another effective method to reduce period cramps is yoga. Certain yoga positions have proven to reduce period cramps. 

Try these yoga positions to help reduce your period cramps:

  1. Child pose: Child pose also traditionally called balasana is a great yoga position to help with period cramps. Along with reducing pain, it also helps ease the mind and body. This is how you can perform the ‘child pose':

  • Sit straight with your legs folded under your buttocks 
  • At this point, your feet are supposed to be facing upwards
  • Now, slowly bend your torso forward on the floor 
  • At this point, your arms should be extending forward as well, as far as possible
  • Your face should also be facing the floor as well as your palms
  • Your calves, forehead and palms should all be touching the ground in this position
  • As it only stretches your body and is a resting pose, it provides comfort and relaxation
  • Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and perform 4-5 sets daily. 

  1. Seated forward bend: Seated forward bend also traditionally caused Paschimottanasana is another relaxing pose to ease menstrual pains. This is how you can perform Paschimottanasana:

  • Sit straight in your legs straight in front of you 
  • In this position, your feet's soles should be facing front
  • Slowing bring your torso closer to your legs and as far as possible
  • You can use your hands to hold your feet, this may increase how far you can reach
  • In this position, your stomach and chest are supposed to be touching your thighs
  • Your face can be facing the front or towards the legs, whichever may be comfortable
  • Hold this position for 10-20 seconds and sit back up
  • You can repeat it a few times based on your convenience

  1. Inverted leg pose: Inverted leg pose also traditionally called Viparita Karani pose is another easy to do, relaxing pose to better period cramps. It helps expand the ribcage hence bettering flow and reducing cramps. This is how you can perform Viparita Karani asana:

  • In this pose, you require to hold your legs above your head
  • To do so, traditionally, you lay on your back and lift your legs above the ground at a 90-degree angle
  • You further, use your arms to push your legs to lift further
  • At this point, the only body parts touching the ground are your head, arms (from shoulder to elbows), and upper back
  • Your toes are supposed to be facing the sky
  • However, being able to do this asana comfortably takes time and practice. Hence, you can try using the support of a wall to rest your legs at a 90 degrees angle
  • To better perform this asana as a beginner, you can place 1-2 pillows under your lower back to further elevate the body with exterior support

  1. Cat-cow pose: Cat-cow pose is another very relaxing stretching yoga position as it requires movement. It can help release any period cramps and also helps release any tension in the neck or the back. This is how you can perform the cat-cow pose:

  • Get on your knees and hands (How you would imitate a four-legged animal)
  • Lift your back upwards, forming a mountain-like structure
  • While you do that, make sure you push your face inwards, looking at your own torso
  • Now, push your back inwards, forming a 'U' position with your back
  • While you do that, look towards the ceiling
  • Repeat mountain motion with face inwards and then ‘U' structure with face upwards for a minute
  • Do not speed up, In fact, you are advised to switch positions slowly and gradually 

To reduce period cramps, we encourage you to try all of these yoga asanas and switch between them as you may be comfortable. As discussed above, these positions are to release or reduce period cramps and are supposed to bring ease and relaxation. The motive is to relax the body, hence, we advise you to follow these at a slow pace and incorporate some gentle breathing. 

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