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Women's Health: Watch Out For These 5 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Read on as we discuss what ovarian cancer warning signs you should look out for.

Womens Health: Watch Out For These 5 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer can help fasten treatment process

A cell growth that develops in the ovaries is called ovarian cancer. The cells can penetrate and obliterate healthy biological tissue and reproduce swiftly. There are two ovaries in the female reproductive system, one on either side of the uterus. The hormones progesterone and oestrogen are also produced in the ovaries, which are each roughly the size of an almond.

Despite years of study, specialists still haven't created a reliable ovarian cancer screening test. Because of this, it might be challenging to detect the illness in its early stages. However, being aware of the early warning signs can help fasten the treatment process and may increase your risks of better treatment and recovery. 

Your healthcare practitioner will inquire about your symptoms and conduct a pelvic exam if they have a suspicion that you have ovarian cancer. They'll look for any unusual growths or enlarged organs during the examination. Let's understand what ovarian cancer warning signs you should look out for.

Ovarian cancer warning signs you should watch out for:

1. Constipation

Issues with gut health could further lead to other health issues such as stress, anxiety, IBS, and even ovarian cancer. One common symptom of ovarian cancer in regard to gut health is constipation. Watch out if the constipation is persistent even after interventions such as lifestyle changes and medications. 

2. Persistent pain

A problem may be indicated by lower back pain that lasts for one to three weeks or by persistent pressure in the abdomen and pelvis. The discomfort does not come and go and cannot be easily attributed to other sources, which is crucial to remember if you are experiencing this symptom for the first time. If your pain gets better as your stress goes down, then your symptoms are probably stress-related. If you adjust your food and your pain goes away, your issue is probably GI-related.

3. Bloating  

Most women have experienced bloating, a disconcerting sensation of being overly full. Bloating is common, especially around the time of your period, but daily bloating that lasts for up to three weeks is not typical. One of the most prevalent early indicators of ovarian cancer is a constant sense of being bloated and full.

4. Trouble eating

One common sign of ovarian cancer is loss of appetite. Early indications of ovarian cancer include losing appetite, feeling full quickly, and having trouble finishing even small meals. Although there could be other health issues responsible for this. Call your doctor if this is a new symptom for you. 

5. Bladder issues

Women frequently assume they have a urinary tract infection when they have urinary difficulties like discomfort or urgency when urinating. Sometimes it is. But, problems with the bladder may also be an indication of a gynecologic or reproductive condition, such as ovarian cancer. Experiencing pain or pressure in the bladder, often urinating abruptly, pressing the urge to urinate, etc. could be signs of ovarian cancer.

Keeping an eye out for warning signs can result in early diagnosis which can be highly beneficial for proper and more effective treatment.

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