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Popular myths about birth control

It's important to identify the myths vs the facts in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Popular myths about birth control

As contraceptives and other methods of birth control have evolved, so too have a myths surrounding their use. It's important to identify the myths vs the facts in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  1. One can't get pregnant the first time: A female can become pregnant any time after she begins to ovulate - even if it's the first time she is having sex.

  2. Having sex during periods prevents conception: It is possible for a female to get pregnant at any time during her menstrual cycle. Females with irregular or shorter cycles can actually ovulate during their periods and that means they are can also become pregnant. The chance are slim but not nil.

  3. Contraceptives cause cancer: Though there may sometimes be side effects with the pill like nausea, vomiting, head ache, etc, no scientific research has till date proven that contraceptives or birth control pills cause cancer.

  4. A very tight condom offers best protection: A condom that is too tight is more likely to rupture during intercourse. When using a condom, it is also important to leave some space near the tip to safely catch the ejaculate (sperm).

  5. One can't get pregnant while breastfeeding: Even if you are not getting your periods while breastfeeding your baby, eventually menstruation will return and you may ovulate without knowing it. So, it is possible to become pregnant while still breastfeeding your child.

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