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Mother's Day 2022: Mothers - A Boon From God

This Mothers Day, we honour courageous mothers, an irreplaceable source of joy and comfort!

Mothers Day 2022: Mothers - A Boon From God

Age notwithstanding, for most of us our mothers are the go-to person, the magical beings who make things better with just their presence. Accustomed to juggling work responsibilities and family dynamics with aplomb, mothers are a resilient group often working overtime to help everyone around them. A bond between mother and child transcends age and distance. From the day they conceive to the years to come they continue to care for their child selflessly. 

Their stories are heart-rendering and heart-warming and this mother's day we honour them. 

Changing lives by educating children was a noble task that Sayanti Devi undertook every day. A teacher from a small town in Bengal, she was moulding children towards a brighter future. She had always wanted kids of her own and her life changed for the better when she was blessed with a baby girl!

Life was everything the Sayanti could have imagined. The tides took a turn overnight and Sayanti could not believe what she was witnessing. Her precious child, a baby of just a few months has collapsed in front of her eyes and there was nothing she could do to remedy it. After her daughter was hurried to the hospital, Sayanti got the devastating news that the child had gone into acute liver failure. 

“My daughter was in pain and I didn't know how to help her! It was the scariest moment of my life, not knowing if my daughter would make it. Her liver had stopped functioning and her body was failing her, "shares Sayanti. But not all was lost and a ray of hope shone through at this dark hour. Sayanti, fortunately, was a match for her daughter and could save her life with a liver transplant. The situation was so dire that the procedure that normally takes a month was concluded in a few hours and the doctors were able to save the child. Both mother and daughter are living a fit and healthy life today.

Another such wonder woman and a proud organ donor is Ankita Srivastava who saved her mother's life. She is the Director of Direll Innovations Pvt. Ltd., which is continuously working on bringing innovative technology products to children. When Ankita was born, her mother lost a lot of blood and her haemoglobin dropped to a dangerously low level and she needed a bold transfusion. Owing to the lack of proper medical facilities and awareness in Gwalior in 1993, her mother's life was put at risk. The filtration process in blood banks was negligible at the time and the person whose blood was transfused into her mother's body had Hepatitis B. 

She was forced to live a life of constant agony because of that negligence and her health continued to deteriorate. Unable to see her mother suffer so much, Ankita, took the bold step to help her with organ donation!

Both Ankita and Sayanti are looking forward to competing at the World Transplant Games 2023 and this mother's day we salute them and many such courageous mothers!

Both Ankita and Sayanti are looking forward to competing at the World Transplant Games 2023! This Mother's Day, we honour them and many other courageous mothers. An irreplaceable source of joy and comfort! ORGAN India, an initiative by Parashar Foundation (NGO), is bringing these survivors together to participate in World Transplant Games Federation, Perth, in 2023. WTGF has been organizing international sporting events for transplant athletes for 40 years now and Organ India will represent our nation at the games by formulating a team of perfect strangers, organ and tissue donors and receivers who are driven by the desire to give life another chance.

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(Organ India)

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