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Sudden Weight Gain During Menopause? Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwaker Effective Management Methods

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwaker has shared tips on battling weight loss during menopause.

Sudden Weight Gain During Menopause? Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwaker Effective Management Methods

Altering your diet during menopause can help manage symptoms and boost your overall health

Menopause can be a challenging period as it brings a host of physical and emotional changes. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings, which can disrupt their daily life. Menopause can also affect mental health, causing anxiety and depression in some women. Managing these symptoms often requires a comprehensive approach, including lifestyle adjustments, medical interventions and emotional support. Additionally, some women also experience sleep disturbances, fatigue and sudden weight gain during this time. If you are suffering from post-menopause weight gain, here is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwaker to save the day.

She has shared some tips to make weight management easy for women going through menopause. In her video, she says, "You should not worry about not menstruating anymore. Earlier too, when in the initial 15 years of our life, we didn't menstruate, it was fine and so will be the upcoming years."

She adds, "How energetic and healthy we would be, totally depends on our diet at this time. It is important to lose weight gradually and with the help of nutrition. The four methods I am going to suggest here will not only help you shed weight but also help you with other menopause symptoms."

"Eat sweet potato, taro roots and elephant yam at least once a week. The second thing you need to consume is protein. The third dish you need to eat for lunch or dinner is chutney. The fourth item you need to consume everyday is kharik. It also satisfies your sugar cravings. Hence, you must make changes in your diet over time and slowly for long term benefits.”

Rujuta has also shared detailed information about each of these items and why one should consume them.

"While it's quite natural to gain weight during menopause, it does catch many women off guard. Most times the changes seem to be so drastic that we begin to feel that it's going to need drastic/ extreme measures to bring it down. The need of the hour, however, is a sustainable path to health and wellbeing and a reorientation of how we think about food and fitness. Any quick measure to knock off weight will not only worsen the menopausal symptoms in the present but also puts us on a slippery slope with long-term health outcomes for the body and brain," she wrote in her caption.

As per Rujuta, here are the food items you need to bring back on your plate

— The yam family of vegetables

 These root & wild vegetables like suran, arbi and shakarkandi, are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and bioactive compounds that can help keep the symptoms down.
– Diverse protein 

As per Rujuta, “We are short on diversity and not protein. Menopausal symptoms of bloating, acidity and indigestion are made worse by the mindless consumption of “protein-rich” foods. So ditch the viral videos and invest in bringing the diversity of pulses and legumes back on your plate in your grandma-approved proportions and combinations. This is the only foolproof method to assimilate the amino acids, folic acid, fiber without causing acidity, bloating, constipation, etc.”

Rujuta also explains that even chutneys can do wonders in this matter. "We don't need seeds, we need chutneys for those essential fats and gut health. The til, alsi (flaxseed), dry coconut chutneys eaten with parathas, rotis & dosas are especially useful for the joints and skin," she says. 

Rujuta adds, "the dry date keeps the sweet tooth at bay, boosts your Hb levels & stabilises your mood."

Watch the video here:

"What are you waiting for girl? Health isn't a fling, it's for keeps. All the best," she says in the conclusion.

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