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Tips to quit smoking

Really wanting to quit smoking is very important to how much success you will have in quitting.

Tips to quit smoking

  • Do not smoke any number or any kind of cigarette. If you smoke fewer cigarettes, but do not stop completely, soon you will be smoking the same number again. Smoking "low-tar, low-nicotine" cigarettes does little good. Nicotine is so addictive, that with lower-nicotine brands you will just puff harder, longer on each cigarette. The only safe choice is to quit completely.

  • Do you really want to quit? Really wanting to quit smoking is very important to how much success you will have in quitting. Smokers who live after a heart attack are most likely to quit as they are very motivated. Find a reason for quitting before you have no choice.

  • Know that it will take effort to quit smoking. Half the battle in quitting is knowing you need to quit. This knowledge will help you deal with the symptoms of withdrawal, such as bad moods and strong desire to smoke. Nearly all smokers have some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal when they try to quit. Give yourself a month to get over these feelings.

  • Half of all smokers have quit, so you can too. That is the good news. There are millions of people who have learned to face life without a cigarette. For staying healthy, quitting smoking is the best step you can take.

  • Get help. Many groups offer written materials, programmes, and advice to help smokers quit. Your doctor or dentist is also a good source of help and support.

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