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Oral Hygiene And Health Conditions: Know The Link Straight From Dentist

Oral Health: It is important to focus on dental hygiene to prevent the risk of several diseases. Read here to know the link between poor dental health and risk of several diseases.

Oral Hygiene And Health Conditions: Know The Link Straight From Dentist

Brush your teeth twice a day to get rid of bacteria


  1. Oral health is as important your physical health
  2. Flossing is as important as brushing
  3. Eat a healthy diet to promote dental health

Your oral health plays a significant role in maintaining overall health. Whatever you eat gets into your body through our oral cavity as a result whatever bacteria are nurturing in the oral cavity enter your stomach and then various parts of the body. A clean oral cavity equals to clean body and good overall health. Several studies have highlighted the link between poor oral health and increased risk of several diseases. In this article you will understand the link between poor oral hygiene and several diseases.

Oral hygiene and diseases: Here's the link

1. Heart Attack: A study by American heart foundation found that the bacteria in the oral plaque can contribute to blocked arteries. Plaque gets into the blood and can get lodged into the arteries of heart and can lead to heart attack or stroke. Plaque is a deposit that is formed on the teeth over a period of time, if regular scaling is not done.

2. Bad effect on brain: Poor oral health also affects your brain. The substances that are released from inflamed gums can do damage to your brain cells. It is a very slow process, it does not happen suddenly, but does happen. These substances lead to increased probability of Alzheimer's. Keep teeth clean and massage gums regularly to avoid gum inflammation.

3. Rheumatoid arthritis: Studies have stated that people with gum diseases are more prone to rheumatoid arthritis. Once the gums are inflamed, the inflammation travels and can lead to inflammation of joints throughout the body.

4. This is a close relationship between oral problems and hypertension. According to studies, bad gums lead to high blood pressure of the other hand good healthy oral cavity leads to healthy blood pressure.


According to studies, poor dental heath affects your blood pressure
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5. Diabetes: Gum diseases make the absorption of insulin difficult in the body system as a result it increases diabetes risk.

Follow a simple hygiene regime and save yourself from these major problems.

Don't forget to brush twice a day: Whether it's morning or night, brushing is must. Due to busy schedules, people usually forget to brush in night or take it for granted, but this is one of the mistakes that they make. For maintaining oral hygiene, brushing twice is the key essential thing to follow.

Gum massages: Spend some time with your gums as they are the foundation of your teeth. Healthy gums are equal to healthy teeth. Massaging in a circular motion for 5 mins in morning and evening with the oil of your choice (olive oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil) can do wonders for your gums.

Tongue cleaning should be on priority: Once a day, tongue cleaning with glycerine and cotton pad can prove to be magical not only for the lovely pink tongue but also bacteria-free oral cavity.

Mouth wash: Rinse your mouth after every meal for 2-3 times with a mouth wash of your choice. Swirl it for at least 30 secs each for best results

And visit your dentist once in three months for a regular cleaning and check up

(Dr. Gunita Singh is a dentist and director at Dentem)

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