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Hormonal Acne Remedies: Follow These Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Acne-Free

Skincare tips: Right kind of skin care can keep acne at bay.

Hormonal Acne Remedies: Follow These Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Acne-Free

Hormonal imbalance can lead to several issues including acne

Acne is one of the most common yet dreaded skin problems often faced. However, there are ample reasons why the skin experiences acne. One of the most talked-about skin health issues is hormonal acne. As the name itself suggests, hormones are the main reason cause acne in all genders. However, there are ways to keep it in control. Dermatologist Dr Kiran, in her Instagram post, gave some tips and tools to tackle this particular skin problem. “Hormonal acne is acne that is tied to fluctuations in your hormones. It is the number one cause of acne in men and women and is the reason why you suffered from zits in your teenage years.” Dr Kiran wrote in the caption.

Skincare tips: Ways to deal with hormonal acne

She further jotted down the possibilities of why one must be dealing with acne. “In adults, it is common in women with hormonal issues and in some men, who may be taking whey protein or who have insulin resistance,” Dr Kiran said. Some of the other causes can be hormonal issues including estrogen dominance (PMS acne), hyperandrogenism, diabetes or pre-diabetes, perimenopause and menopause.

Dr Kiran also posted a special disclaimer about acne for those who go through the menstruation cycle. “PMS acne is not PCOS. And PCOS can present with regular periods,” she pointed out.

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How To Heal Hormonal Acne?

Dr Kiran gave out some remedies to treat the hormonal acne. The first tip that she gives is to have a good skincare routine. Another key step is to have the necessary supplements to avoid PMS flares. The skincare expert suggested the consumption of magnesium supplements and Vitamin B6. The next tip is that your skincare products should have Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid or Retinoids. A healthy diet is a doorway to acne-free skin. Have low sugar, low glycemic foods and less dairy, as advocated by Dr Kiran.

Even though we have little control over hormones, a good skincare system can work wonders.

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