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Debunking Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

Having erectile dysfunction does not mean a problem with your sexual desire or level of attraction with your partner. Know this and other common myths about ED

Debunking Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can mean serious physiological problems in your body


  1. ED is not natural for old men, it can happen to the young also
  2. ED does not happen because you aren't attracted enough to your partner
  3. ED can merely be a symptom of cardiovascular diseases
Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating but believing every cause or fix won't do you any good. In India, where every topic related to your sexual health is kept tight under wraps of legends, answers about what exactly an erectile dysfunction means can be hard to come by. But put simply, erectile dysfunction means having trouble getting an erection or keeping it up for a period of time. There can be many reasons that can lead to it and knowing which ones really are true can help you get ahead of this problem.

Here are 5 common myths about ED that everyone believed but aren't actually true.

ED only happens to older men

False. Men of any age can develop this problem. Also, while older men generally have more problems in getting aroused, most men are able to have intercourse without the inability to develop an erection, meaning this problem isn't natural and doesn't happen to every oldie.

ED is not dangerous, only a personal problem

Not true. Erectile dysfunction can merely be a symptom of dangerous diseases like hypertension, spinal cord injuries, narrowing of arteries due to buildup of plaque or even neurological disorders like Parkinson's diseases. So if you can't solve this problem for more than 1-2 months, it's important you consult a urologist.

heart brain

Erectile dysfunction is not a thing in your head and may be due to heart problems
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ED happens because you aren't attracted enough

Totally untrue. Even if your sexual desire is through the roof, you can get an erectile dysfunction. It can happen due to depression, excessive intake of alcohol, as a side effects of medications, anger, obesity or other reasons that diverts blood circulation from the penile area to other areas of your body.

ED can be cured with testosterone supplements

Partially true. Drugs that increase testosterone levels in your body won't completely cure the problem. Other medications that have PDE5 inhibitors soothe your muscles and increase blood flow will be needed and sometimes even this may not be enough. Injectable medicines can then be prescribed and used.

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ED means a problem with my reproductive organs

Another falsehood. In a lot of cases inability to get an erection could be a warning signal of a heart attack, diabetes or high blood pressure. This is because the high pressure and cholesterol can damage your blood vessels and since your penis also has small ones, blood circulation in the pubic area may be hampered. But a bigger cause of worry would be blood clotting in the heart that would surface much later.


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