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World Hypertension Day 2020: Know Why Gestational Hypertension Is A Matter Of Concern

World Hypertension Day 2020: The risk of Pregnancy-induced Hypertension (PIH) is majorly seen to rise with age of the women. It is not like any other normal situation and women should never under any condition take a hypertension medicine without consulting an expert.

World Hypertension Day 2020: Know Why Gestational Hypertension Is A Matter Of Concern

Hypertension Day 2020: Pregnant women experiencing high blood pressure is called gestational hypertension

Gestational hypertension is a common condition during pregnancy. It can be harmful for the baby and the mother. When you are pregnant and develop high blood pressure, it is called gestational hypertension. If your readings are higher than 140/90 mm Hg and had normal blood pressure before 20 weeks and have proteinuria (excess protein in the urine) then you may be diagnosed with this grave condition. It may start in the second half of pregnancy. But you shouldn't worry as it will go away after your baby is born, but you have to take treatment promptly as it is a risky condition to mother and baby during pregnancy.

Gestational hypertension: Symptoms, Causes and treatment

Symptoms may differ in each pregnancy. The common symptoms are high blood pressure in the second half of pregnancy. Common symptoms are blurring of vision, giddiness, headache and epigastric pain. However, some women may not even experience any symptoms.

Causes of gestational hypertension

  • Having a problem of high blood pressure before pregnancy or even with a past pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Being younger than 20 years of age or older than 40 years of age
  • First pregnancy 

This is why gestational hypertension can be dangerous

This condition can also hamper the blood flow to the body's organ systems when it comes to an expectant mother including liver, kidneys, brain, uterus, and placenta.

This condition can invite preeclampsia (also called as toxaemia). Furthermore, preeclampsia can lead to eclampsia (a rare condition leading to seizures and even coma or death). Moreover, placental abruption (premature detachment of the placenta from the uterus) may also occur. It can invite foetal problems such as intrauterine growth restriction (poor foetal growth).


Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension can affect the health of the mother and the baby
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Everything about the treatment of gestational hypertension

You will be suggested treatment based on your pregnancy, overall health and medical history, the extent of the disease, procedures or therapies. Foetal monitoring (this will be done to keep an eye on the health of the foetus). Non-stress testing will be performed in order to measure the foetal heart rate in response to the movements of the foetus. Doppler flow (a type of ultrasound which uses sound waves to measure the flow of blood through a blood vessel) is also conducted. Medications may also be prescribed.

Takeaway: Prevention by self-restriction diet plays some role. Keep in constant touch with your doctor.

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(Dr. Madhuri Burande Laha, Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi)

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