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Nutritionist Explains Many Benefits Of Consuming Pippali

In this article, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares the many benefits of consuming pippali.

Nutritionist Explains Many Benefits Of Consuming Pippali

Pippali may aid in weight loss as it stimulates metabolism & improves digestion

Pippali, also known as long pepper, is a spice commonly used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) for its health benefits. It is derived from the fruit of the Piper longum plant and has a pungent and slightly sweet taste. Pippali is considered healthy due to its various medicinal properties. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares the many benefits of consuming pippali.

Here are some potential benefits associated with consuming pippali:

  • Pippali helps improve digestion and stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, aiding in better absorption of nutrients and preventing digestive disorders.
  • It is commonly used to treat respiratory conditions like cough, bronchitis, and asthma due to its expectorant and bronchodilatory properties.
  • Pippali exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body and potentially alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like arthritis.
  • It contains high levels of antioxidants that help protect the body against damage caused by free radicals, thereby promoting overall health.
  • Pippali may aid in weight loss as it stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, and enhances fat breakdown.
  • Regular intake of pippali can boost the immune system by enhancing the production of white blood cells and increasing the body's resistance to infections.
  • Due to its antioxidant content, pippali can help slow down the ageing process by reducing oxidative stress and preventing the formation of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
  • Pippali supports detoxification by enhancing liver function, promoting the elimination of toxins from the body.

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It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications, before adding pippali to your diet, as it may interact with certain drugs or may not be suitable for everyone.

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