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AIIMS: Doctors Urge Govt To Review 7th Pay Panel's Terms

A panel of doctors at AIIMS has shown strong resentments against the unrevised seventh pay commission which could reduce their salaries lower than what is provided at private institutions.

AIIMS: Doctors Urge Govt To Review 7th Pay Panel

Resident Doctors at AIIMS ask for review of 7th pay commission's terms


  1. Doctors have urged to reduce NPA from 25 to 20 %
  2. They have threatened to shift to private sectors if demands not fulfilled
  3. Unattractive salaries and poor career growth counted as main reasons

Doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to review the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations which forges to reduce the salaries of doctors working in the public health sector. They have threatened to shift to private sectors which offer higher salaries, if their demands are left unattended by the Centre. This adds to the worsening administrative situation of the reputed medical institution which aims to provide best healthcare facilities at low costs. The regional centres of the institution are also severely lagging behind owing to deteriorating infrastructure and unrevised salary structures.

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Panel Advisory

The panel of doctors has advised the government to reduce the Non-Practising Allowance (NPA) of doctors from 25 to 20 per cent. It has also suggested that the House Rental Allowance (HRA) of doctors should be calculated on the basis of basic pay only and not on any other parameters like the combination of both the basic pay and the NPA.

"The government sector is already suffering from shortage of doctors. The biggest reason is the unattractive salary and poor career growth. Government doctors are already leaving the public health sector," Dr Vijay Gurjar, President of AIIMS RDA, said.

Strong Resentments

In order to enforce their advices, the doctors have threatened to sleep on the corridors of the hospital's administrative section if no action are taken to augment hostel facilities for them.

According to Dr Vijay Gurjar, president of the AIIMS RDA, hostels which were supposed to be allotted in October 2016 have not been allotted till now.

"We are forced to love in rented rooms. Residents are supposed to be kept in safe environment, but they don't get hostels even after two years," he said.

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