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Things To Keep In Mind When Approaching Male Menopause

Keep reading as we discuss some things you should consider keeping in mind if you are approaching male menopause

Things To Keep In Mind When Approaching Male Menopause

Visit your doctor regularly for overall health check-ups. Early detection and management

Male menopause, also known as andropause or late-onset hypogonadism, refers to a decline in testosterone levels in ageing men. While it does not have a clear-cut definition or timing like menopause in women, it is a natural and gradual process that occurs in most men as they age.

Typically, male menopause occurs between the ages of 40 and 55, although it can happen earlier or later for some individuals. It is caused by a gradual decline in testosterone production by the testes. Below we discuss some things you should consider keeping in mind if you are approaching male menopause.

10 Things you must keep in mind if you are approaching male menopause:

1. Understand the concept of male menopause

Male menopause, also known as andropause, refers to a gradual decline in testosterone levels as men age. Educate yourself about the symptoms and changes associated with male menopause to better prepare for what may lie ahead.

2. Healthy lifestyle choices

Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle before you reach male menopause. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can help promote general well-being and potentially reduce the severity of symptoms.

3. Monitor your hormone levels

Consider getting your hormone levels checked by a healthcare professional. Understanding your baseline testosterone levels can help you identify any significant changes as you age, allowing for early intervention if necessary.

4. Mental well-being

Prepare yourself mentally for potential changes in mood and overall mental well-being. Understand that hormonal fluctuations can affect your emotional state, so it's important to engage in stress management techniques like meditation, seeking support from loved ones, or even therapy if needed.

5. Stay sexually active

Keep a healthy and fulfilling sexual life by maintaining good communication with your partner about any changes you may experience. Discuss any concerns, seek professional advice, and explore alternative approaches such as sexual therapy or medication if necessary.

6. Educate yourself about symptoms

Familiarise yourself with the symptoms associated with male menopause, such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and decreased muscle mass. Understanding these potential changes can help you recognise if and when they occur.

7. Open communication

Discuss your concerns and experiences with male friends who may have already gone through or are going through male menopause. Sharing experiences and advice can provide valuable insights and support.

8. Regular health check-ups

Visit your doctor regularly for overall health check-ups. Early detection and management of any health issues can significantly improve your well-being and potentially minimise the impact of male menopause symptoms.

9. Explore hormone replacement therapy

If you experience severe symptoms that negatively impact your quality of life, discuss hormone replacement therapy (HRT) options with a healthcare professional. HRT can help alleviate some symptoms associated with male menopause.

10. Embrace self-care practices

Prioritise self-care during the transitional period of male menopause. This may include engaging in activities you enjoy, setting aside time for relaxation, practicing mindfulness, and seeking support from loved ones to maintain emotional well-being.

While male menopause is a normal part of the ageing process, it is essential to differentiate it from other underlying health issues. If the symptoms significantly impact daily life or overall well-being, seeking medical advice is advisable to determine the best course of action, as hormone replacement therapy or lifestyle changes may be recommended.

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