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Father's Day 2022: Look Out For These Health Warning Signs

Father's Day 2022: We discuss the most common diseases and how to identify warning signs

Fathers Day 2022: Look Out For These Health Warning Signs

Father's Day 2022: Regular checkups are essential past the age of 40

Father's Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of June. This year we're celebrating Father's Day on 19th June to honour fathers and appreciate their hard work. 

As men grow older, they're more at risk of health troubles. However, men usually refrain from going to a doctor until the symptoms get worse, or fail to go away on their own. They can be ignorant of the various health warning signs and symptoms. A warning sign might be subtle and infrequent, or it can be an immediate worrisome change in the body. Either way, it is crucial to look for warning signs for different health problems to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

Look out for these health warning signs in men:

High blood pressure 

Many people suffer from hypertension. It can be due to low physical activity, an unhealthy diet or prior family history. Begin monitoring your blood pressure every six months to ensure it stays in check. Various smartwatches available on the market can calculate your blood pressure without any hassles. High blood pressure can be a sign of kidney or heart problems. 


A high cholesterol level is a sign of diabetes, hypertension, obesity or heart problems. Get a lipid profile test done every six months to keep cholesterol levels in check. Contact a health professional and control your diet to help decrease cholesterol buildup in the body.

Chest pain

Chest pain should not be taken lightly. It is a serious sign of something wrong with your body. While chest pain is usually connected with heart attacks, it can be a sign of many other serious problems. Lung problems like Pneumonia, Asthma or stomach problems such as Acid reflux or ulcers can cause chest pain. Make sure you take chest pain seriously and find the cause behind it before it gets worse.

Blood in the stool or urine

This is a high cause for concern among men. It could be less and hard to notice or enough to be seen with the naked eye. If you feel a stinging pain while urinating or find blood, immediately consider a health checkup. Bloody urine is a leading symptom of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers among men and can be fatal. An enlarged prostate gland might also cause blood in the urine. Other reasons for this might be kidney inflammation, kidney stones or urinary infections. Whatever the reason, it is a warning sign that needs to be addressed.

Dizziness or tiredness 

Feeling dizzy or lightheaded might be due to a lesser blood supply to the brain. It can be a symptom of a stroke or a heart attack. If you suddenly begin feeling dizzy, make sure to sit down and call for help. It might just be a sudden drop in blood pressure or sugar levels. 

If you are feeling a sudden loss of energy and having trouble doing regular tasks it might be a symptom of something serious. While stress and anxiety can also cause a lack of motivation, they can be physical symptoms of illnesses such as heart attack, depression, liver-related problems or even sleep disorders. 

Memory loss

One might get forgetful with age however, memory loss might be a sign of something more severe than ageing. Often we don't consider this a cause for concern because it is a natural problem with old age. Sudden losses of memory or changes in mood should be taken seriously. Memory loss is the biggest sign of Alzheimer's disease, brain tumours or infections. Alcoholism or stroke might trigger memory loss as well. If you're suddenly seeing signs of memory loss talk to a medical professional and understand its causes.

Many trivial health problems that we do not consider can be warning signs for larger and scarier health problems. It is better to stay alert and get help before the symptoms get worse. Many health problems can be controlled or prevented in the early stages by taking warning signs seriously.

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