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Post Covid-19 Hair Fall: Nutritionist Recommends 5 Simple Steps For Healthy Hair Growth

Post-covid hair fall: One of the symptoms of post covid-19 recovery is hair loss. Heres how to deal with it.

Post Covid-19 Hair Fall: Nutritionist Recommends 5 Simple Steps For Healthy Hair Growth

Hair fall: A healthy diet and lifestyle can help control hair fall effectively


  1. Post-covid hair fall is a common condition faced by many
  2. According to Rujuta Diwekar a healthy diet can help control hair fall
  3. You should add makhan to your diet, she says

Hair loss is one of the most talked-about post-COVID-19 complications. People, who successfully battled the coronavirus infection, have been quite worried about the sudden loss of hair post-recovery. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar added to this social media chatter by giving some simple tips to curb it easily. Rujuta has suggested adding a few food items to the daily meal chart instead of frantically searching for various packages, pills and treatments online. In her latest video on Instagram, Rujuta has also advised us to avoid some common mistakes.

Post-covid hair fall: Here are 5 solutions to it

1. Add makhan to your diet

Rujuta Diwekar has asked us to add makhan or butter to the breakfast meal. While replying to one of the queries in the comments section, she voiced her preference for homemade churned white butter.

2. Have aliv ladoo

Next, she has recommended having at least one Aliv ladoo per day. It is an iron-rich traditional Maharashtrian sweet dish made of cress seeds, jaggery, coconut and ghee. It is also known as Halim ladoo.

3. Have homemade nutritious meal

Then, she has advised going for a nutritious meal of dal-rice-ghee for dinner or paneer paratha. Avoiding rice is also a big no-no, according to her.

4. Do not skip breakfast

Rujuta Diwekar also threw light on the unhealthy habits we must unfollow right away. Skipping breakfast is one of the mistakes many people make, said the nutritionist.

5. Ensure good sleep

A healthy sleep cycle is essential for your overall health. Rujuta highlights this another common mistake of sleeping late that can affect your hair health. So, ensure a 7-8 hours of sleep.

Ways to contain the most common health issues go through our stomachs and there is no substitute for a well-cooked meal in our kitchen.

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