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World Immunization Day 2022: Importance Of Vaccination And Why You Should Not Delay Or Miss The Dose

World Immunization Day 2022: The role of vaccines against the Covid-19 virus has once again proved the importance of immunization. As we celebrate the World Immunization Day, let's understand the role of vaccination.

World Immunization Day 2022: Importance Of Vaccination And Why You Should Not Delay Or Miss The Dose

World Immunization Day is observed on November 10 every year

Immunization is a cornerstone of public health, saving millions of lives every year. Vaccines work with your body's defence system to build protection and reduce risks of getting an illness. When you get a shot, your immune system is activated to create protective antibodies that help it fight off infections. World immunization day is observed on November 10 every year to highlight that importance of getting vaccinated and how it has helped eradicate several diseases.

World Immunization Day 2022: This is why you should not miss vaccination

Immunization is a component of primary health care. Currently there are vaccines for more than 20 life threatening disease, helping people across all age groups live long and healthier lives. Immunization not only prevents millions of deaths every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, but has also contributed significantly to the decline in child morbidity and mortality in recent decades. Besides, vaccines have an important role in the prevention and control of infectious disease outbreaks.

The impact of immunization is further set to expand with the introduction of new vaccines and the promising research development pipeline.

Impact of delayed or missed immunization

A delayed or disrupted immunization can result in a group of susceptible individuals which can lead to disease outbreaks.

Children below 5 years and particularly those younger than one year have underdeveloped immune systems. For them, vaccination is next best tool besides breast milk and a balanced diet. Missing a vaccine means putting your child at risk of several diseases. Delayed vaccination makes them susceptible to infections. Additionally, delayed vaccination in children can put other members at risk especially, the elderly with compromised immunity.

Myths and misinformation surrounding vaccines

Myth: Vaccination is not required against rare diseases

Fact - The very fact that diseases like diptheria, measles or whooping cough are rare is because of vaccines. Communities where vaccines rates have come down have quickly seen the return of these infectious diseases.

Myth: Vaccines are risky because of the preservative thimerosal

The use of preservative thimerosal had raised concern about the safety of vaccines.

The fact is - amount of thimerosal used in vaccines have reported no harmful effects other than minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site.

Myth - Vaccines cause autism

Vaccines had once been linked to development of autism - a learning disorder. However, all studies including a 2019 study carried out over a ten-year period in about 700 children have concluded there was no connection between vaccines and autism.

(Dr. Rajesh Budhiraja, Associate Director Internal Medicine, Asian Hospital Faridabad)

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