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World Breastfeeding Week 2019: Neha Dhupia Shares An Important Message About Breastfeeding; Debunking Myths About Breastfeeding

World breastfeeding week is celebrated each year to make it easier for every mother to breastfeed her child. This week creates awareness all over the world about the importance of breastfeeding for proper development of a baby.

World Breastfeeding Week 2019: Neha Dhupia Shares An Important Message About Breastfeeding; Debunking Myths About Breastfeeding

2019 Breastfeeding Week: Neha Dhupia shares a message through her breastfeeding story


  1. Breastfeeding is essential for a baby for proper development
  2. You should breastfeed your baby on regular intervals
  3. Actress Neha Dhupia also shared her personal experience on breastfeeding

World breastfeeding week is observed from August 1 to 7. This week is celebrated to highlight the importance of breastfeeding and the urgent need to normalise it. Breastfeeding is very important for a baby's growth. It is the only source of food for a newborn baby. Every year new policies and plans are formulated to celebrate this week and improve babies' health all around the world. Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia also shared an important awareness message on the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week 2019. The actress took to Instagram and shared a beautiful picture with her daughter Mehr. The picture was captioned beautifully with a long message to promote freedom to feed.

The actress shared the importance of this natural process which is a boon for every baby's health and her wonderful experience as a mother. She shared her personal breastfeeding experience and wrote- "I breastfed Mehr exclusively for 6 months and still continue to do so ... It truly made me realise the value of a wonderful support system that I have and sometimes the lack of it and also the lack of facilities. Like once I was on a plane and had to feed her, and I literally had to take her to the washroom and was only hoping that the seat belt sign does not come on before she is done ...of course I came out and apologised for using the washroom for so long...''

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"I honestly don't understand the consciousness behind doing something so right n so beautiful. I'm also super grateful for all the amazing people in my life for making this journey easier but the truth is I know I'm not alone in feeling that there has to be a slight shift in our mentalities, in the fact that we need more facilities for breastfeeding moms with their babies or even their breast pumps ...and the only way this can happen is if we start a conversation," Neha Dhupia wrote.

Neha Dhupia also shared a video explaining her complete experience.

Myths about breastfeeding

Several myths still exist about breastfeeding. These myths make it difficult for a mother to feed her child. This further results in the poor health of the baby. Some of the common myths about breastfeeding may include:

1. Baby is not getting enough milk if you need feed many times

If you have to feed your baby again and again then it does not mean that the baby is not getting enough milk. Breast milk is easy to digest and you need to feed the baby frequently after every two to three hours.

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2. Breastfeeding can change the shape of the breasts

This is another myth that every mother should ignore. Breastfeeding does not lead to any change in a mother's breast. It rather protects them.

3. Do not wake a sleeping baby to breastfeed

If your baby is sleeping for longer than usual then you must wake your baby for feeding. Your baby should not feel hungry even while sleeping.

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4. A mother should stop breastfeeding if she is sick

If the mother is sick breastmilk will not transfer the sickness to the baby, in fact, it will protect the baby against sickness. Breast milk is loaded with goodness which can improve a baby's immunity.

Apart from general myths about breastfeeding, there are other myths which restrict mothers to feed their babies whenever necessary. There is an urgent need to remove such stigma from society to ensure proper growth of the baby.

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