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What is The Best Pre-Workout Snack? Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Answers

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra listed the health benefits of pre-workout snacks in her latest Instagram post.

What is The Best Pre-Workout Snack? Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Answers

Pre-workout snacks are very important for the success of the workout

If you follow a proper workout routine, you must be aware of the importance of pre-workout snacks. Your body utilises food as the fuel to produce energy and help you carry out all your functions. The same concept is applicable when you go for workouts. You can focus on your exercises and not get tired quickly because of what you eat prior to the training. Throwing some more light on the various benefits of pre-workout snacks is nutritionist Lovneet Batra. She posted a plate full of fruits on Instagram and listed a few benefits.

In the detailed caption, she mentioned, "Working out makes us feel free and alive. Workout sessions are sometimes energetic and sometimes challenging. Before we go out for our workout sessions, we should provide our body with some fuel."  

So, what should you eat before a workout? Loveneet stated that fruits are a good option because they are quick to digest and can be eaten on the go. It's a great pre-workout snack.

According to Lovneet, pre-workout snacks serve a number of purposes:

1) Prevent hypoglycemia

Pre-workout snacks prevent hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. And, it can lead to dizziness, fatigue and lightheadedness.

2) Absorb acid

Pre-workout snacks absorb some acid, which helps settle your stomach while curbing hunger.

3) Give you energy

It allows you to top off your muscle glycogen stores and also contributes direct fuel for your working muscles.

She further stated, “The time frame between snacking and working out is a matter of personal experimentation. A general rule that should be followed is: the closer to the workout you are, the smaller and simpler your snack should be.”

Take a look:

So next time before leaving for your gym session, do not forget to have fruits. And, do let us know if these tips have worked for you.   

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