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Weight Loss: This Clove Drink Can Help You Lose Weight Faster; Here's How You Can Prepare It

Weight Loss Tips: Some kitchen ingredients can help you lose weight. Similarly, clove a common Indian spice can speed up the weight loss process. You need to prepare a morning drink with cloves. Read here to know everything about the use of cloves for weight loss.

Weight Loss: This Clove Drink Can Help You Lose Weight Faster; Heres How You Can Prepare It

Weight loss tips: Cloves improve metabolism which enhances the weight loss process


  1. Weight loss requires the right foods to lose weight
  2. Cloves can help you lose weight just like cumin and cinnamon
  3. You can combine these three elements to prepare a weight loss drink

Indian spices are loaded with flavours and health benefits. Most spices are used for both cooking and medicinal purposes. You can find anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties, properties for healthy digestion and many more in various spices. One of the Indian spices which you find easily in almost every Indian kitchen can help you shed weight in no time. This magical spice is loaded with such properties which can contribute to weight loss. Along with weight loss, it will offer you multiple health benefits which will promote your overall health. This amazing weight loss ingredient is clove. Yes! Clove also known as laung can become your weight loss can be your weight loss buddy.

Clove for weight loss

Clove has a strong taste which makes it an excellent spice for most Indian foods. But this magical spice is not restricted to its taste. It is widely used because of the medical benefits it offers for skin and hair. It can also cure toothache. It is beneficial for various health conditions like diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular diseases. Now weight loss is another surprising benefit which clove can offer you.

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Cloves mainly contribute to better metabolism which results in weight loss. If you are on a weight loss process cloves will stimulate the weight loss process and will give you better results. It will provide you ample amount of antioxidants. Use of clove will also result in better liver and bone health. Diabetics can also add cloves to their diet for reduced blood sugar levels. It also has anticholesteremic and anti-lipid properties.

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How to use cloves for weight loss

Along with clove, you have to use other two Indian spices- cinnamon and cumin seeds to prepare your weight loss drink. These three ingredients when combined together, will make a perfect combination for weight loss. Cumin seeds and cinnamon are well known for its weight properties when combined with cloves the weight loss process accelerates. Here is the right method to use these three ingredients.

Ingredients: 50 grams of clove, cumin seeds and cinnamon each.


Put all the three ingredients in a pan and roast them. When you can smell the aroma of the roasted spices put the gas off. Now make a powder out of the roasted spices and store it. Every morning boil one tablespoon of this mixture in a glass of water. Allow the mixture to cool down and later add a small amount of honey for taste and drink it empty stomach.


Weight Loss Tips: Indian spice clove can also help you lose weight
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If you want to a huge amount of weight then you must involve some exercises to your routine. Also, eat a healthy diet. This drink will definitely speed up the weight loss process but this drink alone cannot serve you magical results. If you face any discomfort after using this drink you must check with your doctor once.

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