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Weight Loss: Get Your Glutes Burning With This Quiet And Low-Impact, Yet Effective Workout

Weight loss: This workout is idealf or those who are sharing an apartment with flatmates or have babies sleeping or playing around. Watch video here.

Weight Loss: Get Your Glutes Burning With This Quiet And Low-Impact, Yet Effective Workout

This workout can be done anytime, anywhere


  1. The workout needs no equipment
  2. It can be done in less than 30 minutes
  3. It can help you have toned buttocks

Working out at home is not as easy it as it seems. Not only do you need sufficient space to workout, you also need certain equipment, and a variety of ideas to do every day, that can be done without any hefty gym equipment. It may be even more difficult for those who are living away from home and are sharing a common space with flatmates, or those who kids or partners or other family members at home. In such scenarios, there's a need for workouts that can be quietly and in a small space.

Quiet, low-impact glutes workout you can do at home

Fitness trainer Kelsey Wells recently shared a quiet, low-impact, glutes workout, which is great for people living in the aforementioned circumstances. Even though low-impact, this workout can be very effective in terms of toning down glutes or your buttocks.

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The workout needs no equipment and can be done anytime anywhere. It will take less than 30 minutes to complete this workout.

Following are the exercises included in this workout:

  • Walk Out Bridges - 12 reps
  • Squat Walks - 20 reps
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridges - 20 reps (10 per leg)
  • Glute Kickbacks - 40 reps (20 per leg)
  • Glute Bridge - 15 reps

Watch the video below to see how each exercise is done. Make sure you do each exercise with the right technique. 

Try to do four rounds of each exercise and feel the burn. You can combine this workout with 30 minutes of walking, jogging and cycling. Or if you don't have sufficient time, you can do 10 minutes of cardio followed by this workout.

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If working out at home has become a task lately because of the people around you wanting to sleep or doing their own thing, this quiet, low-impact glutes workout could be ideal. So, what are you waiting for? Get your mat and let's get started!

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