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What Kinds of Snacks Can You Eat When You’re Stressed? Here's What Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee Says

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares a few tips to stay away from calorie-laden food when stressed

What Kinds of Snacks Can You Eat When You’re Stressed? Heres What Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee Says

Roasted chana is a good option for stressful eating

Many of us have heard about stressful eating habits. Some of us have also experienced it. These habits develop over a period of time when a person tries to cope with any stressful situation through a food treat. And, mostly these habits result in bad health. This is because of the kinds of food one chooses. Most of us choose snacks that are rich in calories. These include foods like cakes, chocolates, pizzas, bread, rice, cheesy pasta, desserts etc. These foods can easily harm one's health. The negative impact can be avoided if one chooses healthier foods when stressed. Mindful eating is the key.

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares a few tips on mindful eating during stressful situations. If your response to dealing with stress includes indulging in food, you can make a gradual transition to healthy foods.

So, what should you snack on? Here are some healthy snacking ideas that can help you deal with stress-induced hunger.

1. Black chana salad

2. Roasted chana

3. Dry fruits

4. Fresh fruits

5. Coconut water

6. Sabja

Take a look at the post:

If you are wondering why is it so important to snack on healthy foods when stressed, here's the answer. Anjali Mukerjee explains the importance of healthy snacking during stress in a social media post. The caption reads, “When stress takes over, make sure to pay attention to the physical diet so as to curb the mental fatigue that comes with stress.”

She gives another tip to stay on track with a healthy diet. Her suggestion is to carry lunch from home. She writes, “Sounds simple but this can really be the key to easily handle stress. You may opt for simple home food like roti, vegetables and dal, as opposed to lunchtime ordering in which is usually carb-heavy.”

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These tips can help in coping with stress eating habits in healthier ways. While your cravings get satiated, the body does not get harmfully affected by the food.


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