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If You Are Consuming Chia Seeds, You Need To Know This Truth

It is said that chia seeds induce weight loss but how true is this statement?

If You Are Consuming Chia Seeds, You Need To Know This Truth

Chia seeds show a nil in the weight loss criteria


  1. Chia seeds are said to swell in the stomach, helping to curb appetite
  2. Chia seeds abound in omega 3 fatty acids which may cause inflammation
  3. Chia seeds show a nil in the weight loss criteria
One of the main disadvantages of living in a consumer society is that how every idea is a marketing tool. The famous category of superfood comes under this umbrella too. Whether it be apple cider vinegar or coconut oil, the verdict is that consuming these products will lead to miraculous results like instant weight loss or overnight beautification. Chia seeds is another food that falls under this radar with celebratory health powers. However, this might not actually be the case.

The claim is that chia seeds have a usually high content of omega 3 fatty acids, outstanding fiber content, are an excellent source of protein and minerals, and are said even to swell in the stomach helping to curb appetite. However, there is no scientific data to back up the claims for weight loss and some sources even call these claims erroneous and harmful. Let us see how:

High consumption may lead to inflammation

Usually found in animal products, omega 3 fatty acids - in the form of alpha linoleic acid - are a huge component of chia seeds, and is often used as a tagline while marketing. But these fatty acids come under poly unsaturated fatty acids, which are advised to be consumed minimally as their highly reactive nature may result in inflammation and tissue damage.

Phytates reduce their nutritional value

High in a very rare kind of micronutrient, magnesium, and a very much needed one, calcium, chia seeds are reputed for their mineral content. Unfortunately, they also contain numerous phytochemicals (which are also called antinutrients) which stops the minerals from being absorbed.

Limited evidence for the weight loss

Researches conducted to study the effects of chia seeds, show a nil in the weight loss criteria. Although the claims of weight loss by chia seeds may be far-fetched, the claim that chia helps you feel fuller for longer is likely more valid, due to its high fiber and protein content. However, this may result in over consumption which in turn, may result in the damaging of the gut tissues.

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Nevertheless, there are some studies which indicate chia seeds being beneficial for the cardiovascular health. They are a good source of protein and antioxidants. What is to be highlighted is that a superfood is not a complete diet and should be an addition to a proper diet rather than a supplement to a poor diet. Also, it is to be noted that there is no seed or pill that magically causes weight loss.


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